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If you have to rate your Capitol Heights, MD, roofing, what would you give it on a scale of one to ten? If you are rating it anything less than an eight, you could be in trouble.

Most homeowners will rate their roof based on looks alone. However, there could be numerous things happening to your roof that you can’t physically see that affect its quality. Hence, a low rating is cause for concern.

When you have doubts about your roof, it is time to let the professionals at Thompson Creek handle it for those in the D.C. area. We offer spectacular roofing options that give you a roof you can be proud of.

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If your roof needs replacement, we are here to make it happen with a quality replacement you will be proud of. Don’t be surprised if your home becomes the shining light in the neighborhood with the new roof we install.

We work with shingles that are meant to last a lifetime. However, we don’t stop at the shingles. The entire roofing system package, including the proper ventilation, starter strips, and deck protection, is installed to ensure you have a spectacular roof.

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Why Thompson Creek Is The Roofer For You

Trustworthy Roofing & Customer Service
That Puts You First

#1: Experience Matters

We have been in business for over four decades; during that time, we have seen and done it all. That experience matters to your roofing project, as you can guarantee we can handle anything that comes our way.

#2: Customer First Attitude

From your first call to Thompson Creek to when the last roofing nail is added to your new roof, we want you to feel you are our priority. That is a part of our customer-first attitude. You are not just a number to us; you are our customer!

#3: A Warranty You Can Trust

We are proud of the roofing products we offer, and we believe in the strength of the product itself and our quality craftsmanship. We offer a warranty to protect you; we know the roof we install will last, and we stand behind it.

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Customer Feedback For Thompson Creek

We Adore Hearing From Our Customers

“We had Thompson Creek install both a new roof and new siding on our house, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the job they did. Two different crews came to our house: one for the roofing and one for the siding. Both crews did great work. Clearly, both were experts in the exact type of work they did. As professional Architects, my wife and I are familiar with the importance of skilled tradespersons, and these two crews are exactly that. Thompson Creek is smart to employ such good teams to carry out their work. I was especially pleased with the communication skills on-site from the crews and the cleanup done after the two efforts, both of which can leave a mess if not attended to with the care these two crews offered. I also liked the good communications from the office in scheduling this work, which is invariably impacted by weather and the fact we could contract for both efforts in one contract. We have some older windows I’ve been thinking about replacing, and if we do, there’s no question that we’ll go back to Thompson Creek if we decide to do that or other work on our house in the future!”

-David E.

“Good work concerning the roofing project. Quality materials. Not the least expensive, but satisfied overall.”


“100% professional service. High-quality product. Competitive price for top tier windows and roofing.”

-Abby C.

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FAQ About Roofing In Capitol Heights, MD

Q: What Is An Option For Energy-Efficient Roofing?

A: There are several energy-efficient roofing options out there that you can opt for. However, most people love to go with asphalt roofing as it is efficient and also available in numerous colors to make the statement that you want.

Q: How Many Color Options Are Available?

A: We have numerous color options for asphalt roofing. Too many to list! Rest assured that you will find a color that goes amazing with your exterior.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof?

A: There are many factors that contribute to how long it takes to replace a roof, including the size of your roof and any other special considerations. However, we aim to get roofs replaced within a few days.

Q: How Do I Know I Need A New Roof?

A: There are several signs homeowners notice that means a new roof is needed. The most common is obvious leaks in your roof. However, if you notice curled shingles, shingles blown off, discoloration, or even weaving in the roof, these signs can also point to a need for a roof replacement.

Q: Do You Have Roofing Projects I Can See?

A: We are happy to showcase some of the roofing projects we have completed. Take a look at our online gallery to see our past roofing projects.

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