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Fantastic Roofing In Catonsville, MD
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Gorgeous Roofing That
Ups Your Curb Appeal

What words would describe your Catonsville, MD roofing? You need a roof replacement if you say any word that is not “incredible”!

In the Baltimore area, Thompson Creek offers roofing that we describe as majestic. But how is a roof majestic?

Not only will the roof look amazing, but it is strong and will last for years to come. What more can you ask for than a beautiful and durable roof for your home?

Magnificent Roofing For Catonsville, MD Homeowners


When you want a beautiful roof that will last for years to come, we have you covered! We use lifetime shingles that will handle all the weather the Baltimore area offers while maintaining its stunning appearance.

Available in various colors, our roofing can be a great asset to your home and offer superior curb appeal. If your current roof is less than stellar, now is the time to make a change.

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Our Customer Service Is A Huge Reason
Why People Come To Us

#1: Customer Service You Will Love

A huge reason why so many people recommend us to their friends is our high level of customer service. Our stellar customer service starts with your phone call for a free quote. From there, you won’t be disappointed in how we answer your questions and help you get a roof you will love.

#2: Experience Makes A Difference

Sadly, the roofing industry is full of fly-by-night companies that are looking to make a quick buck. You can rest assured Thompson Creek is not like that, as we have been in the area for over four decades, offering our exterior home remodeling services.

#3: A Warranty You Can Trust

Our warranties are a huge factor as to why people recommend us and come back to us for their home needs. We offer a 50-year workmanship warranty on our roofing as we are confident in our work and want you to be as well.

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Reviews That Prove Thompson Creek Is Right For You

“Good work with respect to the roofing project. Quality materials. It wasn’t the least expensive, but I am satisfied overall.”


“100% professional service. High-quality product. Competitive price for top tier windows and roofing.”


“Super happy with my windows and doors. The customer service was awesome. They kept me updated throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Thompson Creek. Now I just found out they do roofing, so I will check it out!”


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5 Questions Catonsville, MD Homeowners
Often Ask About Roofing

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Yes, we offer financing! Our financing application takes around five minutes to complete, and we partner with numerous financing institutions, so you get options that fit your budget.

Q: How Can I Choose A Roof Color?

A: We suggest you take a look at what color would best highlight your home to ensure your curb appeal is at its maximum. Of course, our professionals can help you choose the best color to highlight your home.

Q: I See Shingles In My Yard. Should I Be Worried?

A: If your shingles are being found in your yard, you definitely have a problem. When shingles are missing, that means you could see leaks start to happen. Missing shingles are prime examples of when to consider a roof replacement.

Q: Will Insurance Cover A Roof Replacement?

A: In some situations, your home insurance may cover your roof replacement. We suggest you call your insurance company to see what your coverage is and go from there. Keep in mind we do not work with insurance companies on roofing projects.

You may find it easier to work with a third-party lender rather than work with your insurance company and all the hoops they make you jump through.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Replace A Roof?

A: We will try to replace a roof within two to three days. However, if you have a larger roof or special circumstances, it may take longer. During the quote process, we will give you an estimated timeline.

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