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Don’t have gutters, or are your current gutters working poorly? The gutters on your Downingtown, PA, home makes a surprising impact on how water flows off your roof. While the safety of your foundation and sidewalks is important, maintenance-free options are great, too!

At Thompson Creek Window Company, we want you to experience an outstanding gutter system and outstanding customer service. Our process makes gutter installation easy on the homeowner while relaxing your worries about communication and craftsmanship.

From our family to yours – we care about you and your home!

We Offer Superior Gutters For Your Downingtown, PA Home


The installation of gutters offers big improvements for the exterior safety of your home. A home without gutters risks water running off your roof and seeping into your foundation, which causes big problems. Without being redirected by gutters, you could end up with water on your sidewalk and driveway that turns into hazardous ice.

Installing gutters in your Philadelphia home helps reduce these risks. When we install gutters, we also install gutter guards, which offer a maintenance-free gutter experience.

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Professional residential gutter installation on a home in Downingtown, PA with Thompson Creek Window Company

The Thompson Creek Window Company Process
For Great Gutter Installation

Enjoy Gutters Installed By
True Professionals

#1: Decades Of Experience

We’ve been in the home improvement business for over 40 years. That’s over four decades to master gutter installations, giving us a critical eye for what works and what doesn’t.

#2: Dedicated Communication

Some customers have experience with contractors that aren’t so great due to communication issues. We have project managers dedicated to working with our team through the process of installing residential gutters on your home and communicating with you regularly about progress.

We believe that if you have a question, you should be able to get an answer! We also encourage you to provide feedback and communication during the process so we can best fulfill your needs.

#3: Our Gutters Built In America

We make our gutters ourselves in our Maryland factory. This gives us better control over the quality process, which, as a homeowner, you’ll admire over the years.

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Quality residential gutter installation on a home in Downingtown, PA with Thompson Creek Window Company

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“Mr. Evers impressed me with his knowledge of the products he sells. He was great and to the point. He’s also friendly. He, in my opinion, is a valuable man to keep around.”

– Russell

“The salesperson was early for the appointment. He was thorough with his approach to the process and how the product was made. Excellent warranty and easy financing.

– Karin

“I had a great experience with Brad Stoeller. I was recommended by a coworker because of the great quality work they do. My experience with Brad was very informative, and he was able to explain the options and the quality difference that Thompson Creek provides. He also gave me a great price that I couldn’t turn down. Highly recommended!”

– Sydney

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5 Questions Downingtown, PA Homeowners Frequently Ask
About Thompson Creek Window Company

Q: Why Do I Need Gutters In My Home?

A: Without gutters, water seeks the lowest ground, which is often your home’s foundation. Water entering your foundation is not good, as water in the foundation increases the chances of additional pressure building. In addition, the presence of water can result in easy leaks. Gutters bring water to a safer place – at least a few feet from your house.

Q: What Do Gutter Guards Do?

A: Gutter guards prevent debris like leaves and acorns from entering your gutters and causing a clog. Clogged gutters are not your friend. They are gross to clean up and offer mosquitoes and mold a proper breeding ground. A clog can also cause the water in your gutters to spill over the side, which doesn’t help at all!

Gutter guards also make your gutters maintenance-free. You won’t need to climb a ladder twice a year and scoop the debris out. The gutter guards will let it slip away to somewhere else!

Q: Do Gutters Help Prevent Ice On My Sidewalks or Driveway?

A: Yes! When gutters carry water away, we ensure the downspouts and drains carry water to a place beside your driveway and sidewalks. While you might still get ice on your driveway from other sources, the gutters won’t be one of them!

Q: How Does Your Warranty Work?

A: The best part of our warranty is that you don’t have middlemen to go through to get some help. Since we make and install gutters, we also service them when gutters have issues. Let us know your problem, and we’ll help take care of it!

The warranty itself covers issues, including clogging, for up to 50 years.

Q: Is There A Chance Your Gutters Could Pull Away From My Home?

A: We install fasteners every two feet to ensure this doesn’t happen. If your gutters do pull away from your home for whatever reason, repairs are covered by your warranty!

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