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Whether your King Of Prussia, PA home is damaged or simply needs an updated look, Thompson Creek Window Company’s premium home remodeling services are the perfect solution.

Our replacement and remodeling services add curb appeal to your home and help protect it from the elements so you can spend your time relaxing and doing what you love. Our experts are available to help with all your home remodeling needs.

Expert Installation And Maintenance Services
For Every King Of Prussia, PA Home


Replacement Windows

If your windows are old or damaged, replacements can help bring new life to your home. We have a large selection of replacement windows, and we even create custom designs to ensure a perfect fit for your home. We install them professionally to ensure they last and look amazing for decades.

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Replacement Doors

If your door is damaged, dented, or broken, it can’t keep your home secure. We have an exceptional selection of fiberglass doors, steel doors, and sliding glass doors that we will install securely so they can protect your home and add beauty. We even include locks and other security features so you can rest assured that your home is protected.

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Other Expert Home Remodeling Services

Our services don’t stop with windows and doors. We can transform your entire home’s exterior!

Gutter Services

If your gutters are falling off your Philadelphia home, have rusted, or are broken, we can replace them with a brand-new gutter system that looks and performs great. We can also help clean and maintain your gutters so they perform better and longer.

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Siding Services

Siding adds beauty and personality to your home. We have a large selection of colors and designs, so you can choose the perfect style for your home and create the look you want. Our vinyl siding is durable and wind-tested, so you can trust that it will last for decades.

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Roofing Services

Your roof protects your home from bad weather and water damage, but if it is old, damaged, or has missing shingles, it may not be doing its job. We provide replacement roofing services and can help you choose the best roofing for your home so it looks amazing and lasts for years.

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Our Extensive Experience Makes Us
The Best In King Of Prussia, PA


At Thompson Creek Window Company,
We Use Our Passion And Experience
To Produce Amazing Results

Durable And Dependable Products

We manufacture our own products, so we know they are high-quality and capable of performing properly. We make sure every piece is wind-tested and ready to handle bad weather and even severe storms. We use strong and durable materials to ensure longevity, and we install everything professionally to ensure a great fit.

Decades Of Industry Experience

We have been in the home remodeling industry for many decades, and our experience is evident in the results we produce. No matter which of our services you choose, we have a trained and skilled team to deliver outstanding results and exceed your expectations.

A Hassle-Free Warranty

We always do our best work, but we also want to make sure our customers have some extra peace of mind. We offer a hassle-free warranty that covers our workmanship and allows you to rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

Custom Design Options

We offer a variety of products and designs, but if you can’t find something to fit your home or your needs, we are happy to create a custom product for you. This ensures you get the look you want, and the product will fit your home perfectly when installed by our professional team.

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“The crew showed up right on time and got to work immediately. They cleaned up the entire work area and provided great customer service.”

-Lucy H.

“The staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They did a good job of cleaning up and did a quality job.”

-Vodrey M.

“I am so happy with their products and work that I am using them again to install my gorgeous windows.”

-Doris N.

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Common Questions From Our King of Prussia, PA Customers

Q: Are Your Products Energy Efficient?

A: Yes, our doors and windows are energy efficient and may help you save money on your energy bills.

Q: Do Your Replacement Doors Include Locks?

A: We do offer many different security features with our replacement doors and are happy to help you choose the right ones for your home.

Q: Can Your Replacement Windows Withstand A Tropical Storm?

A: Our products are wind and water-tested to ensure they can withstand the Mid-Atlantic climate and even an occasional tropical storm.

Q: Do I Have To Replace All My Windows At Once?

A: No, you can choose which windows you want to replace and may replace them all at one time or split up the project to replace them at different times.

Q: Do You Have Any Examples of Your Work?

A: Yes, we have several online galleries where you can see examples of our work.

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