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In general, your home in Lusby, MD will only require occasional repair or remodeling. For instance, replacement windows are only required every 30 to 40 years, while shingle roofs can last for 20 to 25 years. Siding lasts 20 to 50 years, depending on the quality and the material.

However, if you do remodel, you want to choose a contractor who provides expert workmanship.

We at Thompson Creek Window Company have been serving Lusby, MD and the DMV region for more than four decades. We are well-known throughout the area for our  friendly staff, reasonable prices, and successful outcomes. 

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Top-Quality Replacement Windows

Thompson Creek Window Company manufactures and sells replacement windows of every type imaginable. We design our products to reduce heat loss and gain, reduce energy use, keep indoor temperatures comfortable, and minimize the wear and tear on heating and cooling systems. Not to mention, they reduce the outside noise.

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Quality Entry Doors For Lusby, MD Homes

When you choose a replacement entry door for your Lusby, MD house, you want it to provide security, minimize drafts and heat loss, and improve your home’s appearance. We understand this, so that’s why our doors feature the highest-quality materials and construction.

Choose from among a wide selection, including steel, fiberglass, and sliding glass doors. You are sure to find one that meets your needs and appeals to your sense of aesthetics.

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Our Other Home Remodeling Services

We do more than doors and windows at Thompson Creek. We can transform your entire home with our outstanding home remodeling services.

Expert Bath And Shower Remodeling In The DMV

The bathroom of your Lusby, MD home is among its most important features. Every occupant likely uses this room every day – often more than once. A more practical bath and shower remodel can improve your daily life.

Thompson Creek has decades of experience bringing your bath and shower remodeling ideas to life and making your home more livable. Contact us for a new tub or walk-in shower and the accessories to go with it.

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Lusby, MD Roof Replacement You Can Count On

Roof replacement is sometimes necessary when your home has been buffeted by high winds, struck by falling tree branches, or besieged by heavy rains or hail. You may notice missing or damaged shingles, discoloration, or even a sagging roof line. These issues sometimes arise after the weather has been particularly inclement.

At Thompson Creek, we offer exceptional-quality roofing materials that will stand up for decades, protecting your home and family from the elements. Our GAF shingles are state-of-the-art and look amazing.

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Siding Replacement In Lusby, MD

Because it is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your home’s siding must withstand considerable wear and tear. Because of that, it must be durable, weather-resistant, and properly installed.

We offer our customers premium vinyl siding that is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. You can sit back and enjoy your home’s new look without having to do much to keep it looking fresh.

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Quality Gutters And Downspouts For Your Lusby, MD Home

Our seamless gutters are custom-manufactured on-site to the specifications of your home. They consist of a single trough without seams or joints on each eave of the house. The lack of joints means that the gutters do not leak, separate, or collapse under the weight of water.

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Why Select Thompson Creek In Lusby, MD?

How Do We Satisfy Customers And
Provide Successful Results?

#1 Decades Of Experience

Thompson Creek Window Company has been family-owned and serving Lusby, MD and the DMV area for more than 40 years. During that time, we have served and satisfied countless customers. We have identified the most efficient manufacturing and installation techniques, which enable us to cut costs and finish jobs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

#2 Always Innovative

Additionally, we manufacture many of our products instead of just representing another manufacturer. That means there is no middleman between you and the manufacturer. We can, therefore, offer you the lowest price possible and deal directly with you if you have questions or concerns about workmanship.

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Thompson Creek's Lusby, MD Customer Reviews

What Do Our Clients Have To Say About Us?

“Your team this morning was punctual, organized, efficient, and methodical. It was a pleasure to watch them work, and I expect to enjoy the fruits of their labor for many years.”

-Walt G.

“The two technicians did an outstanding job. They arrived early in their time window, prepped their work site, worked extremely efficiently together all day, cleaned up, and packed up at the end. They were very organized, careful, and methodical. You can tell they are invested in the quality of their work as professionals, and it shows. The fixed window seals looked excellent, we are very pleased with the repairs performed. I also appreciate their willingness to review with us what needed to be done and how it would be done during the work day as well as answer questions.”

-Michael M.

“Thank you so much. This has been a great experience. “

-Katie S.

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Questions Lusby, MD Homeowners
Have About Thompson Creek

Q: What Do Your Remodeling Services Cost?

A: Every project requires different products and takes a different amount of time to complete. Thus, it is not possible for us to provide a blanket statement on how much your job will cost.
However, once our team consults with you to determine the scope of the project, we will provide you with an accurate, final cost estimate. We will also tell you how long it should take us to finish the project and what to expect while we are onsite.

Q: Are Your Windows Soundproof?

A:  Our Sound Shield™ sound-dampening windows are designed and tested in high-volume environments to prevent sound from penetrating the window glass and from traveling through the frames. Our windows reduce interior noise by up to 35% over standard double-pane windows.

Sound Shield lets you enjoy peace and quiet in your home, free of the noise of garbage collection, construction workers, traffic, and playing children.

Q: Do You Offer Warranties?

A: Yes. We warranty all our projects. Our manufacturing and installation procedures are of such quality that we are able to offer 50-year warranties on workmanship, parts, and labor. Our factory representatives are happy to discuss these alternatives with you upon request.

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