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When you look at your home, do you smile and think “beautiful,” or do you frown and think something is missing? Don’t worry if you think something is missing, as almost everyone has a few projects on their to-do list meant to beautify their home.

And that is where our Newport News, VA home remodeling services come into the picture. We can easily take those to-do lists like replacing the windows, upgrading the siding, or replacing your old gutters off your list.

Thompson Creek Window Company offers several home remodeling services for the Hampton Roads area. These services are all designed to make your home more energy efficient while also helping to enhance your curb appeal.

Home Remodeling Services For
Your Newport News, VA Home


Window Replacement Services

Those who replace the windows in their homes often discover it not only helps their curb appeal but can also lower their energy bill. We offer numerous different styles of windows, ranging from the most popular double-hung windows to the bay window.

Each window we produce is custom fit for your area to ensure an airtight seal when installed.

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Door Replacement

The doors to your home are often the first thing people notice. Thus, it may be time for a door replacement when they are not looking as good as they could.

We offer a variety of styles, including fiberglass and steel entry doors, sliding glass doors, French doors, and storm doors. All of which can be customized to your unique needs.

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Other Services

If you need a home remodel, remember Thompson Creek Window Company is more than just windows and doors!


If you are ready to update your roof, we offer Timberline Shingles that will make your roof look great and help make your entire home more energy efficient. Available in numerous colors, you will find a great option to compliment your home.

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Available in various styles and colors, our siding is a great way to enhance curb appeal and make your home easier to maintain. Vinyl is known for being long-lasting, and very little maintenance is required to keep it looking great.

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A great addition when having any type of home remodel done to your home is our gutter system. Our gutter systems will match your roof perfectly while also removing the pesky task of cleaning gutters every season.

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Why Our Home Remodeling
Services Are In Demand


Great Products & Expert Care

Why do so many people in the Newport News, VA area visit us for their home remodeling services? It all boils down to our experience, customer service, and great products.

Our Experience

When it comes to your home remodel, we have years of experience that guide us in everything that we do. With four decades of installing windows, doors, and much more, we can handle any job you need efficiently and professionally.

Customer Service

Customer service is vital to our industry, and we always do our best to listen to all our customers so we can give them the home remodel they have envisioned. If you have any questions or need help deciding which product is for you, we are with you every step of the way.


We offer only the best products when performing any home remodel. Our innovation ensures that you get a beautiful door, window, roof, etc., that’s energy efficient and will last for many years to come.

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Hear What Our Customers Say About Our
Home Remodeling Services

We Love Hearing From
Satisfied Customers

“The crew was right on time, got to work, and were finished fairly quickly. They were friendly, professional, and cleaned up when they were done. They explained the window functionality thoroughly. I’m very pleased & expect to replace other windows and a slider as my budget permits. I will definitely be using Thompson Creek again!”

– Mollie D.

“Perfect installation! And as a Construction Manager with an ENR engineering firm, ranked number 52 nationally, I could not have been more happy. The installers were professional and incredibly communicative, and actually, I found the installers to be a lot of fun. We had lots of laughs, I value excellent work and having a bit of fun. These individuals, the installers, arrived on time and completed their work in 4 hours. I am thrilled!”

– Emily M.

“Great work, clean, and worked quickly. I appreciated the installer covering all our items and cleaning before and after. We had seven brand new windows put in, along with a new front door. Sound Shield windows are great – being home more because of the pandemic makes us want quieter, so this was a welcome feature. We could hang our curtains back up, move our furniture, and get right back to spending time in our spaces.”

– Erica M.

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FAQ About Our Home Remodeling Services

Q: What Are The Signs I Need To Replace My Windows?

A: Homeowners notice several signs when it is time to consider window replacement. The signs may include:

  • Age of the window
  • Condensation buildup
  • Windows will not shut or lock properly
  • Feeling air coming in around the window

Many people also replace their windows when they want to change up the look of their home with a new, more modern style.

Q: Can I Put Any Type Of Door On The Front Of My Home?

A: The entry door of any home can be a huge factor in the level of curb appeal. For entry doors, you can opt for a fiberglass or steel door, add a storm door, or go with French doors for a new look. Whatever your goal, we have a door to help you get the curb appeal you want.

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Yes, we offer financing for any projects we complete during your home remodel. The process is fast and easy to get through and will allow you to pay for your new upgrades over time.

Q: Why Do You Only Offer Asphalt Roofing?

A: We only work with asphalt as we find it superior to other types of roofing. Since we offer many styles and colors, you can create any look you desire for your home.

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