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Bring New Life To Your Home In Newtown, PA
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Give Your Doors And Windows
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Thompson Creek brings you an experience like no other when it comes to window and door replacement services in Newtown, PA. We work with our customers to bring you unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship.

Choose from our materials and designs, or get a custom replacement for your home that fits your unique style and aesthetic.

We Provide The Best Home Replacement
Services To Newtown, PA Homeowners

Replacement Doors

Unlock the endless possibilities that come with replacing your doors with Thompson Creek. Our door gallery shows you a wide array of various door styles and materials you can choose from, but we don’t stop there. We also provide custom doors for homeowners who want something truly unique.

Our Replacement Door Services

Replacement Windows

Upgrade your living space with brand-new windows. Allow more natural light into your home or give it an added level of energy efficiency and protection with more durable windows. Whatever your needs may be, our contractors are ready to help.

Our Replacement Window Services


Additional Home Remodeling Services

It only takes a simple change to drastically alter the overall appearance of your home. Thompson Creek provides a wide array of home remodeling services for you to choose from. Beyond doors and windows, we also offer roof, siding, and gutter replacements. Make every part of your home complete with our team.

Roof Replacement

A roof is a great way to kickstart your home’s upgrade. It can completely change the appearance and comfort level of your home. Consider Thompson Creek for a new, durable, long-lasting roof that will protect your home for decades.

Explore Our Roof Replacements

Replacement Siding

Bring an added level of durability to your home with our replacement siding service. Improve your home’s insulation, protect it from outside elements, and make it even more energy-efficient with our siding replacements.

Explore Our Siding Replacements

Replacement Gutters

Your home’s gutters are important to protecting your property. We offer a gutter system replacement service that perfectly fits the dimensions and size of your home. Enjoy a maintenance-free gutter system with our replacement service.

Explore Our Gutter Replacements

The Process For Thompson Creek Home Remodels


Helping Our Customers Every Step Of The Way

#1: Every Customer Is Unique

When it comes to making a change to your home, we want you to have as many options available as we can. Every home is unique, and your replacement service should match that. We give you a no-hassle quote, reliable contractors, and a team of installers you can trust when it comes to any project.

Learn More About What To Expect

#2: We’re Here To Guide You

If you’re new to home remodeling, you may not be sure how to go about it. Don’t worry. Our resources are available for anyone looking to upgrade their home. Look at our buying guides for information on replacements, materials, and more.

Check Out Our Buying Guides

#3: A Part Of The Community

We don’t just serve our customers. At Thompson Creek, we’re dedicated to serving our community. We provide for our community every opportunity we can. Whether we’re working with our community or working with you to make your home more beautiful, we give 100% every time.

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Thompson Creek Remodeling Reviews

What Others Have Said About Us…

“I’m at a 5-star rating right now. We are looking forward to having our new sliding glass door installed. Hopefully, all goes well. Update: it went great. Taz did a great job.”

-Joe S.

“Matt, Eric, and Jack were great! They were courteous, professional, and focused on performing a great installation of my new basement exterior door. It looks amazing, and I am completely satisfied. I will probably reach out to Thompson Creek for windows next!”

-Danny W.

“Thompson Creek was a delight to work with. The men they sent to put in my new windows were excellent. They never made a mess. The house was spotless when they left. Not only the house but the yard, too. The experience was so great that I would recommend this company to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Carol P.

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5 Questions Philadelphia Homeowners Ask
About Our Home Remodeling Services

Q: Why Won’t You Give Prices Over The Phone?

A: We don’t give prices over the phone to ensure accuracy. Instead, we send someone out to you and ensure the project is within our scope. Afterward, we’ll give you a quote that is good for an entire year.

Q: Do I Have To Be Home During Installation?

A: When the installation is performed, we’d like you to be home. This way, we can ask or answer any questions you may have.

Q: Can You Break A Project Into Sections?

A: Yes, we can quote you for either full or partial projects. We show pricing through our in-home demo application tool.

Q: How Long Do Installations Take?

A: An installation can take up to a day to complete for gutters, doors, and windows. More intense projects, such as roof replacements and siding, can take multiple days. Contact us today to get started.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Your Remodeling?

A: Here are other pages of our website where you can learn more about our company:

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