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The siding on your home is rather important both for protection and appearance. Whether you seek a new home exterior or want to replace the siding on your Norristown, PA home, you’ll want a professional company to provide the best service.

At Thompson Creek Window Company, we’ve been with homeowners on their home services projects for over 40 years. We know how to make siding installation easy for homeowners and how to make their homes look good for decades.

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Siding doesn’t just add an extra sense of style to your home. Good siding helps insulate your walls and keep pests, rodents, and the weather out, too. Thompson Creek Window Company replaces your home’s siding with quality products that last for decades.

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Dependable siding installed on a home by Thompson Creek Window Company of Norristown, PA

The Thompson Creek Way Makes People Happy

We Believe In Quality, Convenience,
And Personalized Service

#1: Exceptional Communication

Some homeowners are reluctant to begin home projects after being burned by contractor communication in the past. We offer a dedicated project manager who excels at communicating progress to you and encourages you to ask questions and offer feedback.

#2: A Wealth Of Experience

We’ve been installing siding on area homes for over 40 years. We know all the details we need to look for to make your siding project look good and offer the protection your home needs. You can rely on our well-trained employees to take the extra steps to make sure you and your home are happy.

#3: No Pressure Process

We want you to feel comfortable when you are deciding on a siding project for your home. We don’t apply pressure during our sales process. We know that high-pressure sales are irritating to customers. Our process ensures we offer what you need at a pace you are ready for.

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Beautiful siding installed on a home by Thompson Creek of Norristown, PA

Thompson Creek Window Company Earns
Outstanding Reviews From Homeowners

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“The best experience I had was with the installers. They were very professional, and their work was exceptional. Thank you so much. I appreciate good service. I would also like to thank Anna A. and Alexis for their support while my installation date was delayed, and they both helped me with rescheduling and understanding exactly what happened. Thank you for your excellent customer care.”

-Amy A.

“Your employees showed up every day ready to work. They did a professional job of removing the old siding and installing the new siding. I am very pleased with the job! Yes, I would highly recommend Thompson Creek!”

– Jean B.

“Your representative was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. He listened and then worked with me to develop a solution that met my needs. I am hopeful that the product, once delivered, will also meet expectations. Congrats to you for having such an awesome staff.”


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4 Questions Norristown, PA Homeowners
Ask About Thompson Creek

Q: Do I Get To Choose The Color And Style Of Siding?

A: We have many varieties of colors for the siding installation on your home. We can find the perfect match for your windows, roof, and overall exterior decor.

Q: What Kind Of Siding Do You Install?

A:  We use high-quality vinyl siding. It is known for having outstanding durability, a strong variety of colors and styles, and is energy-efficient.

Q: Can New Siding Help With My Energy Bills?

A: If your old siding had poor insulation or was letting moisture into your insulation, there is a good chance you will see lower energy bills after your siding is installed. Our siding prevents the airflow that causes your home’s warm or cool air to drain out and prevents outside air from changing the temperature inside your house. You’ll feel the difference! 

Q: Do I Have To Maintain Your Siding?

A: Nope. Our siding is maintenance-free. Many of the issues you might experience with aluminum or wood don’t apply to our siding. If your siding does get dirty, you have the option to spray it off with a house to maintain a good look, but that’s all.

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