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Spruce Up Your Bathroom With A New Bath/
Shower Remodel In Nottingham, MD

Your Showers Will Never Be The Same
When You Upgrade Them With
Thompson Creek

It’s finally time for a bath and shower remodel in Nottingham, MD.

You’ve probably been considering it for a while, so why put it off any longer? With the Thompson Creek Window Company, you can have an amazing bath or shower installed expertly by our master craftsmen.

Let us transform your space by upgrading that old bathtub or shower into one you’ll never want to leave!

Your Bath & Shower Remodeling
Options In Baltimore

Shower & Bath Remodeling Services

Let us here at Thompson Creek design a custom shower or bath for your home.

Our baths and showers are amazing from top to bottom. They’re gorgeous and expertly built and installed.

We use acrylic for our baths and showers. A resilient material that’s durable and long-lasting. Not to mention how easy they are to clean!

We can also customize a bath or shower to fit any area available, and with other accessories like grab bars and seats, you will have the bath or shower of your dreams.

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Why Choose Thompson Creek In Nottingham, MD
For Your Bath Or Shower Remodel?

We Shower Our Customers With
Excellent Service

#1: Who Thompson Creek Is

If you’re looking for a contractor to trust with your home remodel, then Thompson Creek is it. Thompson Creek has over 40+ years of experience to rely upon in the home remodeling industry.

We’ve been advancing our technology, installations, and practices over the years, all to bring our customers the best products and services possible. As a company, we focus on the customer experience. Ensuring each customer feels valued and that their project is a priority for us.

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#2: Your Expectations Of Thompson Creek

Thompson Creek isn’t a company that does half-measures. We don’t look to cut corners. You can fully expect that each job we take gets our full attention and care.

We don’t give our customers the runaround. We keep lines of communication open and our customers apprised of what’s going on with their remodel.

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#3: Offering Support

We have many resources to assist you in learning as much about home remodeling as you’d like to learn.

We have articles and videos about many different topics, such as windows, roofing, and more. Also included here are customer testimonials, which give you a deep dive into some of our customers’ experiences.

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Customer Reviews Of Thompson Creek
From Our Incredible Community

The Perfect Shower Is A Phone Call Away

“Very thorough, explained the details from pricing through installation. The project manager was courteous and thorough in explaining the installation process and said he would be available all the way to completion, which gave me peace of mind. I highly recommend this company. PROFESSIONAL!”

-Linda V.

“The person was early for the appointment. He was thorough with his approach to not only the process but how the product is made. Excellent warranty and easy financing.”

-Karin L.

“We were able to call Thompson Creek & have someone come out the same day for an estimate. The salesperson went over everything thoroughly & was able to help us make the best decision for our home. Wonderful customer service would definitely recommend!”

-Danielle R.

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5 Questions Homeowners Ask
About Thompson Creek

Q: Why Should I Choose The Thompson
Creek Window Company?

A: With a No-Hassle Warranty and a Buyer’s Protection Guarantee, our customers can have the utmost confidence in their purchases and the work done by Thompson Creek.

We stand by our work, and the warranties we offer back that up.

Q: What Do Your Bath And Shower Remodel Services Cost?

A: The price of your bath or shower remodel will be more accurately determined when we visit for a consultation. We’ll be able to go over your project and give you a price.

We do have financing options. These will help you to fund your home remodeling project.

Q: How Long Do Bath And Shower Remodels Take?

A: A bath or shower remodel could take as little as one day. However, the timeline for the completion of your specific project we won’t know until we discuss the project with you.

Q: What Areas Around Baltimore Do You Serve?

A: We operate in many areas in and surrounding this area, including Nottingham, MD. There are more areas we serve listed on our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About Thompson Creek?

A: Learn more information below:

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