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What first comes to mind when you walk into your current bathroom? Do you cringe and turn the lights off? If you do, an Alexandra, VA bath or shower remodel can turn your bathroom into one that you are proud to show off.

Design elements change over time, and what was once popular becomes outdated. In addition, tubs and showers suffer a lot of wear and tear, making them unsightly.

Thompson Creek Window Company offers bath and shower remodels for Virginia homeowners that typically take one day to complete. In one day, you can have an updated tub or shower installed, dramatically changing the look of your bathroom.

Bath And Shower Remodel Services
Your Bathroom Will Thank You For

A New Look In One Day

If your bathroom is starting to look like something from an old movie, then updating your tub or shower can be the easiest way to breathe life back into your bathroom.

Luckily, we offer bath/shower remodels that take only one day to complete.

Whether you opt for a traditional tub, a modern shower, a walk-in tub, or custom-sized tub, we can work with you to find the best solution for your bathroom and your individual needs.

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Why People Choose Us For Their
Bath Or Shower Remodel

Experts & Amazing Products

If you have ever thought that your bathroom could use a refresh but don’t want to deal with an entire remodel our bath and shower remodels are just what you need. Fast, effortless on your part, and the end result is a gorgeous bathroom.

We Have The Experience

Over four decades of experience is what you get when you work with Thompson Creek Window Company. You will find that with our level of experience, you are in good hands, and we will have your bath or shower remodel done in no time.

Customer Service

Customers always come first with us. We sit with you and determine what you need regarding a tub or shower, then go about how to get what you want. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask and keep an open line of communication with us.

Quality Products

We want your bath or shower remodel to be perfect and only use the best high-quality products. Our bath and showers we install are acrylic, which lasts for years, are easy to maintain, and stay beautiful.

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The Amazing Words From Our
Alexandria, VA Customers

Hearing How Satisfied Our
Customers Are Is Great

“The salesperson came out at the beginning and explained everything, including the process, helping us out with the price, etc, he was amazing. The installation crew came in and was fabulous. They did such a wonderful job.”

– Suvonne D.

“The installation went smoothly. The clean-up of the old windows was thorough. Only time will tell if the products last as well as promised, but I have no reason to think they won’t. One of the reasons I went with Thompson Creek was their reputation, so I expect good support if there ever is a problem.”

– Douglas G.

“The installers were professional, incredibly communicative, and actually, I found the installers to be a lot of fun. We had lots of laughs. I value excellent work, and I also value having a bit of fun. These individuals, the installers, arrived on time and completed their work in 4 hours. I am thrilled!.”

– Emily M.

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FAQ About Our Bath And Shower Remodels

Q: How Long Will It Take To Remodel My Bath Or Shower?

A: The beauty of our bath and shower remodels is that we can typically get them done within one day. Imagine having a new tub or shower at the end of the work day and all the mess cleaned up. It is a fantastic feeling!

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: We have financing for those who wish to buy now and pay later for their bath or shower remodel or other project. Our financing is easy to complete and gives a fast decision with terms that fit your budget.

Q: Why Do We Only Deal With Acrylic Products?

A: A massive part of our personality here at Thompson Creek is being the best. We can only be the best when we offer products that will last, are easy to maintain, and are beautiful. Hence, we only offer showers and tubs that are acrylic.

Q: Can You Make A Shower Fit Into Any Size Space?

A: Our tub and shower products are custom-made, meaning we can accommodate any size you may need for your home.

Q: Can You Install Walk-In Tubs?

A: We have installed many walk-in tubs for people throughout the Alexandria, VA area. Many who have installed walk-in tubs want something easy to get in and out of while still allowing them to soak away sore or tired muscles.

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