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How are the windows in your Alexandria, VA home? Do you have to wipe away condensation when the weather changes outside?

You may find that when the sun shines on your home, the windows get hot. Or your home’s current style of windows may not help it look its best.

There are several reasons why people decide to go with window replacement throughout their DMV home. Whether you are ready for a new look or want the energy efficiency benefits of new windows, one thing is for sure. Your home will be lovely once it is done.

At Thompson Creek Window Company, we understand how important a home window replacement is, and we are obsessed with all things windows. So, who is better at handling your window replacement than us?

Upgrade Your Alexandria, VA
Home With New Windows

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Energy Efficiency

Windows generally don’t last forever. When they start to age, that is when homeowners start to notice some issues. These problems range from increasing energy bills to feeling air leaking around the window.

When you know you have issues, your windows should be replaced. This is not something that you should wait on. After all, the longer you wait, the more energy you waste and pay for.

Here at Thompson Creek Window Company, we offer various windows ranging from double-hung, bay, garden, and everything in between. Since our windows are custom, we can make your dream look come to life, no matter what you want.

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We Are The Pros To Turn To When
Windows Are Needed

Why We Are Recommended
To The Area

Those who live in the Alexandria, VA area will find that when they ask others about their windows, our name will frequently come up. We are thrilled that our past customers often recommend us to their friends and family. But why do they always turn to us?

Our Experience

When it comes to your windows, you want someone with experience who knows what they are doing when replacing them. We have over four decades of experience that we put to work for you. Customers trust us to have the answers because we’ve likely seen the situation before.

Customer Service

Our entire team, from the sales representative to the installer, will always keep customer service in mind. Being respectful, answering questions, cleaning up our mess, and the like are all things we do with every customer. It all helps to make your window replacement experience even better.


When it comes to energy efficiency, you will find our windows are the best on the market. That is due to the amount of time we devote to innovation to ensure we are always ahead of the changing times.

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What Our Customers Say About Thompson
Creek Window Company

We Adore Our Customers

“The team (4) did a great job replacing 16 windows within one day. Cleaned everything up, inside & out! I gave them water a few times because it was a bit warm that day. Was very pleased with everyone I spoke to from the company.”

– Sharon F.

“The installation went awesomely, and the work is great. The conversion of the door to windows also was done very well and looks great. Good, quality work all around. Very professional, and the windows look awesome.”

– Tony W.

“Great experience overall, the crew completed the installation in one day. The new windows look great. I would definitely recommend Thompson Creek to anyone. Thanks!”


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FAQ About Our Windows

Can I Replace One Window At A Time?

Yes, you can. However, we often recommend you try to do the whole side of the house or the entire home at once. This will give you even better results, and you can rest easy rather than worrying about the next installation.

Can You Help Me Finance My Windows?

Yes, we offer several finance plans to help you achieve your replacement window dreams.

What Is The Most Popular Window You Install?

The double-hung windows are the best-selling windows we have, and they have been for the past forty years.

If My Window Whistles When The
Wind Blows, What Should I Do?

If you hear a whistle from your window when the wind blows, then you have some very drafty windows. In this case, your windows may need to be replaced because they are no longer airtight and are not energy efficient.

How Long Does It Take To Install New Windows?

The timeframe for installing windows will depend upon how many windows are being installed. However, we always try to get the process done as soon as possible. We will give you a timeline when we complete your quote.

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