Bath And Shower Remodels in Ellicott City, MD

Breathe Life Back Into Your Ellicott City, MD
Bathroom With A Bath Or Shower Remodel

Go From Drab And Sad To
Relaxing And Beautiful

Have you always wished for a bathroom that made you feel like you were on vacation at your favorite oasis? You may want a bathroom that functions better for your individual needs.

With Ellicott City, MD bath and shower remodels, you can breathe life back into your outdated bathroom with the critical product – the shower or tub.

Thompson Creek Window Company offers various styles of tubs and showers, all designed to give your Maryland bathroom a new look more fitting to your lifestyle. Whether you want to switch your old tub to a new shower, replace the existing shower with a modern look, or change to a new tub, we have you covered.

Bath And Shower Remodel Services You Will Love

Get A New Look In As Little As One Day

When you think about a bathroom remodel, you may think of weeks or even months of work. However, here at Thompson Creek, we can update the look of your bathroom by only switching out the tub or shower for something more modern and aligned with your style.

The best news is that we typically do these bath and shower remodels in one day! Imagine coming into the bathroom at night and finding a new look thanks to a custom shower or tub placed in the room.

We have several styles of tubs and showers, all made from acrylic. With our accessories, you can customize your new tub or shower to be exactly what you need.

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Why People Love Us For Bath Or Shower Remodels

Trusted Experts That Always Respect Our Customers

Modernizing your bathroom with a bath or shower remodel can be a daunting experience. However, with us on your side, you will find it pleasant.

We Have The Experience

We are the trusted experts in bath and shower remodeling thanks to our more than four decades of experience. If there are issues, we have already seen them and know how to ensure a beautiful fit.

Customer Service

Our customer service is stellar, as we always put the customer first. Whether you have concerns or questions, we are here to talk with you and are an open book about the process. People find our customer service top-notch.

Quality Products

For any bath or shower remodel, we only use the best products. Acrylic is by far the more robust and durable material, so we only use acrylic tubs and showers to remodel your space.

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Read How Our Ellicott City, MD Customers Feel

We Love Hearing From Satisfied Customers

“We received excellent service, quality products, professional service associates, and a good price.”

– Elizabeth S.

“The entire process from beginning to end was seamless and worry-free. Very professional estimator and installer. I was extremely pleased and impressed with their ability to soothe my apprehension and instill confidence that I was in excellent hands.”

– Catherine

“The whole process went smoothly. From the consultation, measurement, and ordering and financing paperwork submitted electronically to the installation, I had a pleasant experience. I got a better product and service than expected for a reasonable price. I would recommend Thompson Creek.”

– L.M. Jackson

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FAQ About Our Bath And Shower Remodels

Q: Can I Replace An Old Tub With A New Shower?

A: Yes, more homeowners every year leap into removing their old tubs and replacing them with modern showers. We have numerous options, so you will find something that fits your look.

Q: Do You Clean Up The Mess?

A: A bath and shower remodel can be messy, but you don’t have to worry about that. Once we finish the installation, we will remove all the debris and clean the area for you.

Q: Why Do You Only Offer Acrylic Products?

A: We believe in offering high-quality products. Regarding baths or showers, acrylic is the more robust and durable option. Plus, it is super easy to maintain for our customers.

Q: I Have A Small Shower And Tub Currently,
Can I Opt For A Large Shower?

A: For bathrooms with a tub and a shower, you can replace them with just one or the other. It all really depends on the size of the room and the size of the tub and shower.

Q: Are Threshold Showers With Grab Handles Great For Senior Citizens?

A: Yes, threshold showers with grab handles allow senior citizens to easily get in and out of the shower with less chance of falling. With the customization options we offer, we can design a shower to fit a senior citizen’s mobility needs.

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