Replacement Doors in Ellicott City, MD

The Doors Of Your Ellicott City, MD,
Home Say More Than “Enter”

The Right Door Is A Beautiful
And Welcoming Addition

What do your current doors on your Ellicott City, MD, home say about you? While the doors may not “talk,” they do give an impression that can affect those who see it.

Does your current entry door scream “Go away!” with faded and peeling paint? Or perhaps the color is so dark that it gives the entire house a spooky vibe.

Most people don’t think about what their doors say about their home, but they definitely say more than, “Enter.” For those in the DMV area, if your door is not as beautiful or welcoming as you would want, it is time for a residential door replacement.

Thompson Creek Window Company is here for all your door needs, whether you need a new entry door, patio door, or more. We have options that will help increase your curb appeal and change the vibe your home gives the neighborhood.

Think Beauty When Upgrading
Your Ellicott City, MD, Doors

Gorgeous Doors You
Need In Your Home

Here at Thompson Creek Window Company, we are all about ensuring your door will match the look you want. After all, the door you choose for your home can significantly affect the curb appeal.

Front & Entry Doors

With over 16 color choices, numerous upgrades, and steel or fiberglass options, our front and entry doors will make a drastic change to your curb appeal. In addition, all our front and entry doors are highly efficient.

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Storm Doors

Our storm doors are made of 20% thicker aluminum than you will find anywhere else. Due to being thicker, they will offer more energy efficiency and protection to your home. 

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Patio Doors

Your patio doors should open easily while also fitting in with the theme of your patio. If your current patio doors aren’t doing this, it is time to upgrade them. We offer a variety of choices, including sliding options that will help your patio meet your standards. 

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French Doors

If you are hoping to create an elegant aesthetic, then look no further than French doors. With numerous color options, sidelights, and much more, we have French doors that will meet your every need.

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We Are Who People Turn To For
Doors For A Good Reason

Experience & Customer Service

When you get a residential door replacement, you want it to be a quality door, which we offer. However, the installation is a big part of the battle, which is why so many people turn to us for their doors. They know we can provide a quality door and a perfect installation.

Decades Of Experience

Our installation process is so streamlined due to our experience. We know what works. The same can be said as to why we have high-quality doors.

Our four decades of experience are always put to good use for you.

Customer Service Is #1

While our experience is high, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our customer service. We emphasize delivering exceptional experiences to ensure that everyone always feels comfortable when they work with us.


Technology is constantly improving upon what we use, including the doors we provide. We spend time focusing on innovation to ensure we offer top-of-the-line doors for our customers.

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Take A Look At What Our Customers
Have To Say About Us

We Are Grateful To Our Loyal
Customer Base

Good communication from the coordinator. The construction team was on time and professional. They cleaned up after. Thank you.

– David S.

We had two new storm doors installed. They have a great team of installers. Very pleased overall.

– Jane G.

Timely and professional storm door installation. Enhanced the overall front entry appearance.

– Allen D.

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FAQs About Our Doors

What Are Some Signs That I Need To Replace My Doors?

There are several signs that your doors need to be replaced. These signs include the following:

  • Not opening or shutting properly
  • Air drafts around the door
  • Not locking properly
  • Faded or peeling paint on door

Are Fiberglass Doors Better Than Other Materials?

Fiberglass is considered very strong. That is why we carry fiberglass doors and steel doors because we only want the best. Both require very little maintenance.

Can I Finance A Door Project With You?

Yes, we do offer financing. We offer a super fast and easy process to get approval so you can get your project underway.

Should I Add A Storm Door To My Entry Door?

A storm door can offer another layer of security for your home and help your entry door be even more energy efficient. Many people consider it worth having a storm door on their home.

How Long Will It Take To Install A Door?

We aim to get all doors replaced within one day. We know you are eager to have a beautiful and functional door in your home, so we do it as fast as possible so you can enjoy your new door.

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