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Are you of the mindset that gutters in Gaithersburg, MD can’t be both functional and aesthetically pleasing? If so, get ready to have your mind blown!

In the D.C. area, Thompson Creek offers gutters that function perfectly at all times, even when experiencing torrential rain downpours. These gutters also look great with your home, no matter the style it is.

With decades of experience, Thompson Creek knows how to deliver what people in the area need. So, if your gutters look haggard or have lost their ability to function, now is the time to replace them.

Attractive Gutters For Gaithersburg, MD Homeowners


Available in numerous colors, our gutters are made from premium-grade aluminum to ensure their strength. When you add the guard coverings onto the gutters, you have a rain gutter system that can handle even the toughest rainstorms.

Our gutters are made to look amazing in your home, and they are virtually maintenance-free. Imagine no more cleaning your gutters every season!

What would you do with that extra time? Those homes in the area who have opted for our gutter installation never regret their decision, as they rest peacefully in their home knowing their gutters are working correctly. They look great while performing their essential job.

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White Aluminum Gutters With Hoods

Why Trust Us For Your Gutters

Experience And Quality Product

#1: Experience You Can Depend On

Due to the critical nature of gutters, you must trust those installing them in your home. Luckily, we have the experience to back up our claims of a perfect installation. Over four decades of experience ensures we know what we are doing, and if there are issues, we know how to correct them.

#2: Great Price

What surprises most homeowners is the fantastic price they get on the gutters they choose for their homes. Made with premium-grade aluminum, most people expect their quote to be much higher. But, thanks to us cutting out the middleman, you get a price that is affordable for a high-quality product.

#3: Customer Service Is #1

While we are the home exterior remodeling experts, that doesn’t mean customer service is not a goal with every customer we have.

Our goal is not only a beautiful, high-end gutter system for your home that will last for up to 50 years but also an experience that ensures less stress for you!

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5-Star Reviews From Our Kind Customers

We Always Aim For A Wonderful Experience

“We have had our new gutters for about four months. We have a huge, steep roof. Water would flow right over! Thompson gutters work beautifully!! Their personnel were very professional and polite. The job was done on time, and an associate returned to ensure the job was done right, and we were happy!…would recommend it!!”

-Susan W..

“In the past year, Thompson Creek has done work on my windows and replaced my gutters. On both occasions, they did excellent work at a very reasonable price. Their workers were always polite and professional and answered all of my questions. I recommended them to two of my friends, and they also were very pleased with Thompson Creek. ”

-Tom A.

“Great experience from start to finish. I did two projects – window replacements with the capping of the wood trim and then new gutters. The project manager assigned kept in touch, waited for my HOA approval, and then scheduled both installs separately but quickly. The installations went smoothly; the site was left clean. Price reasonable.”

-Donna W.

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5 Common Questions About Gutters
In Gaithersburg, MD

Q: What Color Options Are Offered?

A: We have sixteen color options for our gutters. You can opt for a traditional color like white or black or go with something that matches the style of your home. Either way, you have options!

Q: What Does The Warranty Cover?

A: We offer our 50-year warranty on gutters. Under the warranty terms, we guarantee that the gutters will not pull away from your home or clog, thanks to our system.

Q: How Are Your Gutters Maintenance-Free?

A: Our gutters are designed with hoods that cover them. These hoods allow the water to run into the gutters and are directed away from the home. However, the hoods stop leaves and debris from getting into your gutters. Thus, there are no worries about cleaning your gutters every season.

Q: How Do I Know When I Need New Gutters?

A: Several signs can make homeowners realize they need new gutters. For example, during a rainstorm, do you notice water running over the edges of your gutters and ultimately making your house look like it has a waterfall? If so, it shows your gutters are not working correctly.

Q: Why Is Aluminum The Better Option For Gutters?

A: Our gutters are made from premium-grade aluminum. While there are other gutter materials out there, such as vinyl, it is not as strong as aluminum. Aluminum withstands weather better, is easier to install, and lasts longer.

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