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Do you smile when you see your Gaithersburg, MD roofing? If not, then it may be time for a replacement!

Whether you need roofing because your current one is old and looking its age, or you see signs of roof damage, upgrading your roof is a wise decision.

Your D.C. area roof serves the vital function of protecting your entire house. Thus, when it is not at its best, you can bet you will start to see damage. Thompson Creek has sturdy and gorgeous roofing options that will make you smile!

Roofing That Makes Every Gaithersburg, MD
Homeowner Smile


Roofs are not meant to last forever. With harsh winters and hot summers, your roof can easily fall through the cracks and not be as strong as it once was. In these cases, our roof replacement services are here to come to the rescue!

We work with asphalt roofing and highly recommend Timberline Shingles. These are available in numerous colors and styles to allow you to have not only a strong roof but one that is gorgeous as well.

The reason we work with Timberline Shingles is because they are the number one selling shingles in North America. You aren’t just getting a beautiful shingle; you are getting an entire system that ensures a strong roof.

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Why You Should Trust Us For Your
Gaithersburg, MD Roofing

You Always Come First

#1: Experience You Can Trust

With over four decades of experience, you are in good hands when you let us handle your roofing project. We know the ins and outs of installing a roof, and we will do everything to ensure your home is treated as we would want our home treated.

#2: High-Quality Products

We work with Timberline Shingles as we found them to be some of the best roofing materials on the market. Thus, you know you are getting a high-quality product that will enhance the look of your home.

#3: Customer Service At Every Turn

Customers always come first. From the first point of contact to when the roofing team is cleaning up after finishing, we want you to be happy with the experience and do whatever is necessary to ensure satisfaction.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Roofing

They Love The End Results

“100% professional service. High-quality product. Competitive price for top tier windows and roofing.”

-Abby C.

“Good work with respect to my roofing project. Quality materials. Not the least expensive, but satisfied overall.”


“Thompson Creek – WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Best contractor I have ever worked with. From the original contact to the final work day, all personnel were very professional and helpful. After work was completed, the clean up was great, not a piece of scrap anywhere.”

-Frank L.

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Gaithersburg, MD Homeowners Commonly Asked
Questions About Our Roofing

Q: Is Asphalt Roofing The Best Choice?

A: While we may be biased toward our roofing options, we wholeheartedly believe that for the value of asphalt and the energy efficiency rating, asphalt roofing is the best option for any home.

Q: What Is The Most Common Sign I Need A New Roof?

A: The most common sign that has homeowners realizing they need a new roof is when they notice they have shingles missing. The other common issue is seeing leaks inside their home that point to a major roof malfunction.

Q: Can Roofing Be Something My Insurance Covers?

A: It can be. However, that is not always the case, depending on why you are replacing your roof. For those who are interested, we do offer financing to help you pay for your new roof over time.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

A: We will give you a definite estimate on the timeframe when giving you a quote, as the size of your roof is a significant component of how long it takes. However, we aim to replace most roofs within a day or two.

Q: Isn’t Asphalt Roofing Just Black, Gray, Or Brown?

A: In the past, black, gray, and brown asphalt were the most common colors used on homes. However, with the Timberline Shingles we offer, you have more color options than ever before to pick something more unique to your taste.

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