Replacement Windows in Henrico, VA

Make Your Henrico, VA Home More
Impressive With New Windows

New Windows Can Change The
Entire Look Of Your Home

Is your Henrico, VA home easily passed by with no one paying attention to it? If your windows are substandard, you can bet they are not helping your home to catch anyone’s eye.

We all want our homes to be something that we feel comfortable coming home to, and that we can be proud of. When your windows are cracked, foggy, or so old they look as though they should have come over on the Mayflower, it is time to replace them.

For those in the Richmond area, Thompson Creek Window Company is here for all your custom windows needs. Whether you want to take your older home into the new century with modern windows or decide to upgrade to a huge bay window, we can handle it all for you.

Impressive Henrico, VA Windows
Are Within Reach

Beautiful Windows You
Can Be Proud Of

Here at Thompson Creek Window Company, we believe that windows can be a way to give your house more style and personality. That is why we custom-make windows that are designed to your specifications.

We don’t have the same limited options as a big-box store. And if you decide to turn an area of tiny windows into a large picture window, we can do that for you.

Ideally, we want you to choose windows that fit your design style. You will be amazed at the results when you choose what you love.

Our windows are energy efficient, and many homeowners are surprised at just how much more comfortable their home is when the installation is complete.

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Trust Is The Backbone Of Why People
Turn To Us For Windows

Experience, Innovation, &
Customer Service

Our past customers often recommend us to their friends and family, and the reason is our customers’ trust in us. They know we’ll do right by them because we have proven ourselves time and time again.

Our Experience

For four decades, we have been the trusted window installer that serves the area, and customers respect how much experience we have. You can rest assured that your windows are in good hands and will be installed correctly.

Customer Service

Our customer service makes the window installation process easier. If you have a question, any team member will happily answer you. We want everyone to feel welcomed and listened to when they come to us.


Energy efficiency is an innovation that changes from season to season. And that is why we dedicate so much of our time to ensuring we are in the know when it comes to any innovation made to make our windows even better.

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Our Customers Have Great Things To Say About
Thompson Creek Window Company

We Love Hearing From Our Customers

“The front exterior door, storm door, and specialty windows are amazing. The installation was efficient, organized, clean, and professional. I recommend Thompson Creek for your next home improvement project.”

-Venita T.

“I am very pleased with my new windows. The entire process was easy and straightforward.”

-Alexa E.

“Excellent quality and very professional and skilled window installers. We will definitely recommend Thompson Creek as the #1 company.”

– Heidi R.

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FAQ About Our Windows

Do You Offer Your Customers A Warranty On Windows?

Yes, we offer a 50-year warranty on our windows. The warranty covers the material, installation, and workmanship.

Can I Choose More Than One Style Of Window?

Many homeowners choose windows based on the room and what works best. There are no rules for having the same windows throughout your home, so choose as many styles as you see fit.

Can A Garden Window Work In My Home?

Garden windows are often placed in kitchens to allow more natural light to come into the space. There are no requirements your home must have to install one of these garden windows.

How Long Will It Take To Install A Window?

Our trained installers often take a day or so to install windows throughout a home. They do it quickly to ensure an accurate fit and customer satisfaction.

Do I Have To Be Present For A Quote?

Yes, we do require that the homeowners be present for the quote. It helps us to get all the information and give you the most accurate quote possible.

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