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One of the most despised tasks of homeowners is having to deal with their gutters in Silver Spring, MD. The thought of having to climb the ladder, bucket in hand, gloves adorned, and then cleaning out whatever has made its home in the gutters is enough to make many people cringe.

Not only is cleaning out your Silver Spring gutters disgusting, but it can also be dangerous. Many people suffer from ladder falls due to cleaning their gutters every year.

Why put yourself through this when there is a better option?

Thompson Creek offers gutters that are far superior to the old-style gutters your home may have. If you are ready to say goodbye to cleaning your gutters and hello to style and beauty, we are here for you.

Maintenance-Free Gutters For Silver
Spring, MD Homeowners


Our gutters make your life easier while enhancing your curb appeal. Old-fashioned gutters are prone to clogs, leading to water running under your roof or pooling around your home. These issues can lead to a lot of remodeling work to fix the issues.

So, what makes our gutters so unique? For one, they are manufactured from premium-grade aluminum to ensure their strength. We then cut these to fit your home so there are no annoying splits in the gutters that can quickly start to leak.

However, the most attractive feature of our gutters is the hoods. These ensure debris is not getting into the gutters. They are maintenance-free, a massive plus for any busy homeowner.

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White Aluminum Gutters Installed On Home

Why Choose Thompson Creek For Your Gutters

You Always Come First With Us

#1: Decades Of Experience

We have over four decades of experience in dealing with exterior home remodels, including installing our beautiful gutters. Our experience gives customers peace of mind in knowing they have professionals working in their homes. And peace of mind cannot be overstated!

#2: Amazing Customer Service

Those who work with us are often surprised at the personal customer service they receive. Yes, we may be a large company, but we still believe that amazing customer service is a must-have!

From the first call to us to the end of your project, we will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions and address concerns.

#3: High-Quality Product

Our gutters are made from premium-grade aluminum that is thicker than what most other gutter companies offer. That means more strength and durability against the D.C. weather. We are confident that our gutters are what your home needs to look great and function even better.

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Gutter Reviews That Show We Are The Experts

You Won’t Be Sorry You Trusted Us For Gutters

“Every time we deal with your company, we have an excellent outcome. Your products are top-notch, and the people who work for your company are the cream of the crop. This is our 7th installation of windows and sliding doors for four sliding glass doors, installation of gutters, and a total of 27 windows, with another seven to go. After that, we will look into a new Front Door, and all our fascia boards and eves are done in aluminum. Keep up the good work, and keep the cookies coming.”

-Frank M.

“We recently had Thompson Creek out to replace the gutters. All parts of the project were completed promptly, along with outstanding workmanship. We have also used Thompson Creek to replace our home’s windows and doors. When we realized the gutters needed replacement, we were pleased that Thompson Creek provided gutter replacement services. We have been delighted with Thompson Creek’s products and services and highly recommend them to others.”

-Vickie S.

“Whole house’s gutters were installed within hours. Workmanship was of the highest grade, while workers were pleasant, courteous, and diligent. Their work ethics were tops. We are pleased with the color and looks of the gutters, and they have proved efficient in the latest rains. The workers cleaned up the area to perfection.”

-Mike M.

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Gutter Questions From Silver
Spring, MD Homeowners

Q: What Gutter Color Options Are Offered?

A: We offer sixteen colors of gutters to choose from. You can go with traditional white or black or branch out into a color complimenting your roof.

Q: How Good Is The Warranty?

A: We believe our warranty is one of the reasons so many customers recommend us. We offer a 50-year warranty that protects you from your gutters pulling away from your home and improper functioning.

Q: What Are Common Signs My Gutters Need Replacing?

A: Several signs point to your gutters needing to be replaced. These signs include:

  • Gutters seem to struggle to handle the water running off the roof
  • Visual damage you can see such as rusted gutters or pulling away from the house
  • Water seems to pool near the house or runs over the gutters when it is raining

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Yes, we offer financing to those interested. The process only requires filling out a simple form to get started.

Q: Why Do You Only Offer Aluminum Gutters?

A: We only offer aluminum gutters because we want our customers to have a gutter that looks great but also will last for years. Vinyl gutters may be considered the cheaper option, but they will not last many years, are harder to install, and often decrease curb appeal.

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