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The Durability You Need
In Your Gutters

Are you in need of a new gutter system in Woodbridge, VA?

Have you been looking up at your gutters and wondering what happened? They’re always clogged, pulling away from the roof, and are just in an overall worn-down state.

If so, then it’s time for a new gutter system, and Thompson Creek is the contractor you should call.

At Thompson Creek, our uniquely designed gutter systems are a game changer. Get rid of those old, non-functioning gutters and upgrade to gutters that can do the job.

Your Gutter System Options
In Woodbridge, VA


The Thompson Creek gutter system has a unique guard that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutter. You won’t have to worry about seasonal maintenance. Who doesn’t want one less thing to think about?

Our gutter system is seamless and secured with multi-point mounting. Meaning it’ll never separate and pull away from your house.

Installed by our experts with incredible precision, Thompson Creek seamless replacement gutters come in a wide range of colors. Sixteen premium, high-quality, long-lasting colors, to be exact.

With many colors to choose from, its durability, and its ability to prevent water damage to your home, you’re looking at your home’s gutter system for the next 50 years!

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Why Choose Thompson Creek For Gutter Systems?

A Top-Tier Company That Does Top-Notch Work

Something About Us

The Thompson Creek Window Company has been in the home remodeling industry for a long time. Improving customers’ homes, building trust in our communities, and more.

We give back to our community by partnering with organizations like Homes For Our Troops to contribute to those in need. Helping where we can to make a difference.

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Your Expectations Of Us

You can expect five-star service with Thompson Creek. Beginning with excellent communication, followed by phenomenal installations, and backed up by incredible warranties.

We respect our customers and their homes, and we treat each customer with courtesy, honesty, and professionalism.

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Supporting Woodbridge, VA

If you’re looking for more information on home remodeling, then you’re in the right place. We’ve developed many resources for you to learn a vast amount about home improvement.

From tips to guides to preparation, it’s all here. Articles, videos, and downloads to browse at your leisure. Dive in and allow us to inspire your next home remodeling project!

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Thompson Creek Customers Review Us

Community Trust Built Through Excellence


“Arrival time was kept true. Installers were polite, efficient, and kept the work debris in check, and removed it from the premises. The timeline for installation was precise, and it was finished on time. Excellent teamwork. Very pleased with the work done.”

-Martha S.

“I thought your entire process was excellent. Your crew was here on time. They were very efficient and did excellent work. I would highly recommend Thompson Creek.”

-Steven F.

“As always, top-rating in every category, from measuring to delivery and installation. We couldn’t ask for anything more. We’ve relied on Thompson Creek for years now.”


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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Thompson
Creek In The D.C. Area

Q: Why Should I Choose Thompson Creek?

A: A contractor that stands behind their work is a must for any homeowner. The Thompson Creek Window Company does exactly that with remarkably strong warranties.

We offer our Buyer’s Protection Guarantee and our No-Hassle Warranty. These are essential for homeowners, in our opinion. We believe our customers agree.

Q: Do You Offer Financing For Gutters?

A: Financing the cost of your gutter system can allow homeowners to truly get the remodel they really want. We’ve partnered with wonderful, trusted lenders to offer our customers financing options that will serve them greatly in financing the cost of their replacement gutters.

Applying only takes five minutes, and approvals return quickly.

Q: What Is Covered Under The Warranty For Gutters?

A: The entire Thompson Creek gutter system is fully covered under the warranty. Extending for a limited time even to the next owner if you sell your home.

Q: What Areas Of The DMV Do You Serve?

A: We’re located in many areas of the DMV, including Woodbridge, VA. More areas on our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About Thompson Creek?

A: More about us below:

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