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Are you looking for a contractor for your roofing services in Chesapeake, VA?

Roofing services aren’t always just to replace a damaged or old roof. Homeowners are also replacing their roofs to increase their home’s value or to enhance their curb appeal.

A new roof can completely change the look of your home, and with the Thompson Creek Window Company, you have a contractor with experience.

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Roofing can be one of the best investments you can make for your home, and with Thompson Creek, you know you’re hiring a reliable contractor whose installation process you can trust.

A healthy roof is great for any homeowner, and with new roofing technology, our shingle products are second to none.

We also offer ridge cap shingles, water shields, and more to combat severe weather.

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Why Choose Thompson Creek For Roofing?

With Experience Comes Expertise

About Us

40+ years of experience as a contractor means quite a few things for homeowners. With Thompson Creek, it means you’re getting a contractor who has basically seen it all within the home remodeling industry.

The knowledge and skills our crews possess benefit each homeowner throughout each installation. We deliver superior products and services across the Hampton Roads area.

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Your Expectations

At Thompson Creek, we aim to provide a smooth, professional experience throughout the process. While any home remodel could have setbacks and hiccups, we strive to make our installations as stress-free for each homeowner as possible.

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Support For Chesapeake, VA

We have many resources right here at your fingertips that can assist you with your home remodel.

Whether it’s signs you should replace your roof or what affects the cost of windows, you’ll find articles, videos, and more to help with your home remodeling journey.

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Customer’s Review The Thompson
Creek Window Company

Excellent Service And
Fantastic Installations

I’ve been nothing but impressed with the Thompson Creek Window Company,

-Tony B.

Thompson Creek was professional and customer-focused from first contact to the job quote.

-J. Michael W.

The salesperson has been a pleasure to work with today. She provided excellent information and answered my questions, making it easy for me to decide to move forward with a purchase today. Thanks!

-Joy C. H.

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Common Questions Asked About Thompson Creek

Q: Do You Offer A Warranty?

A: We offer not only one warranty but two! We offer our No-Hassle Warranty to cover your installation and the materials used, and we provide homeowners with a Buyer’s Protection Guarantee.

Q: Do You Offer Financing For Roof Replacements?

A: We offer flexible plans with various financing options to assist you in your home remodeling costs. You can find something that fits your budget with convenient payment options and generous credit lines.

Q: How Long Do Roof Replacements Take?

A: While typically, roof replacements take multiple days to complete, it’s difficult to nail down an exact timetable.

During your consultation, we’ll have a better idea of the size and scope of your roofing project.

Q: What Part Of The Hampton Roads Area Do You Serve?

A: We provide home remodeling services across the Hampton Roads area, including Chesapeake, VA. A complete list of areas we serve can be found here.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About Thompson Creek?

A: Find out more below:

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