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High-quality shingles from GAF make Thompson Creek’s roofing installation services in Warminster, PA, the best in the area. A failing roof can harbor rot, bacteria, mold, and more, but a new roof installation from Thompson Creek can ensure your home and family are safe.

The Top Roofing Installation
For Warminster, PA Homes


For high-quality roofing replacement and roofing installation with brands like GAF shingles, trust Thompson Creek Window Company. We don’t force you to go with just one style or color. We offer several options for your choice of shingles. We also offer attic ventilation, underlayment, and other roofing services that others may not.

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Roof Replacement On A Home In Warminster, PA, For Thompson Creek

Trust Thompson Creek Roofing In Warminster, PA

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Customized Roofing Process

Your roofing job will be customized just for you. Measurements will be taken, and your colors and style preferences will be noted at your initial consultation so that we can design a roof to fit your specifications. Then, we will customize a proposal for you that lays out cost, timelines, etc. From start to finish, it’s designed just for your home.

Stress-Free, Custom Roofing

Roofing Since The 80’s

Our team has been in business for over 40 years and has learned all we could about the roofing business. Now, Thompson Creek applies that experience and knowledge to improving your home and making it the best it can be for you and your family.

We Got Our Start In 1980

Showing Gratitude

The Thompson Creek Window Company also loves to show our gratitude to a community that kept us in business for all of those years. We do this by giving back with our time, experience, and knowledge to help the less fortunate in the area.

Giving Back To The Area

Gorgeous Roofing In Warminster, PA for Thompson Creek

Reviews For Thompson Creek Window Company

How We Impressed Our Roofing Customers

I have had Thompson Creek for windows, a new roof, and now a new front door. Every step of the process was always excellent.

-Margaret Avallone

– –

Every aspect of a roof installation went off without a hitch. From the opening visit to prior contact to the day of installation to follow-up. We were very happy all around. Good company, good people, good product.

-Paul Borick

– –

Fast but thorough, quality work Thompson Creek is known for. My roof looks amazing, and my house feels cooler.

-Frederick Richmond

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Questions Homeowners Ask In
The Warminster, PA Area

Q: What’s The Timeline And Cost Of A New Roof?

A: We can give you an accurate estimate for your new roof when we come to your home for a free initial consultation. At that time, we will discuss the price as well as how long it should take to complete the job.

Q: Is Financing Available For Roofing Jobs?

A: Thompson Creek does offer flexible financing plans for our roof replacements and roofing installations, and it only takes a minute or two to apply.

Q: In What Areas Are Roofing Installations Available?

A: Roofing installation, roof repairs, and roofing replacement services are available for Warminster, PA, and all across the Mid-Atlantic, such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia counties.

We also offer other exterior remodeling services, such as windows, doors, and siding.

For a more detailed list, please visit our Service Areas page.

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