18 Homeowner Resolutions for the New Year

18 Homeowner Resolutions for the New Year

Make this year the best one yet by treating your home as gold and going through this list of Homeowner Resolutions. We recommend taking one or two each month rather than tackling them all at once. Many people know their home is due for an upgrade, but don’t know where to start. It is better to choose one or two simple actions and work on them rather than doing nothing. The resolutions below will take you inside and out and have you beaming with pride at your home.

  1. Clean the front stoop – Take care to keep a nice front door area is one of the best ways to show you care about your home. Wash any light fixtures, sweep the patio, and fluff the rug.
  2. Paint the trim – Gather all your supplies: paint, brushes, paint tray, wood filler or spackling, drop cloths, and tape. Prep your work area and then get to work. You’re sure to brighten your spaces.
  3. Change the front door – A new front door not only enlivens an entryway, it also brings value to the home. In fact, remodeling.com estimates that a steel entry door like the replacement doors from Thompson Creek recoup 100% of the cost when you sell your home, according to Remodeling Magainze’s 2017 Cost vs. Value report.
  4. Replace the gutters – An ill fitting or poor performing gutter can damage your home. The best time to take care of that is now. Pools of water around your home’s foundation can build up and erode the landscaping or affect the foundation. Avoid costly repairs by replacing your gutter system.
  5. Change the landscape – Planters or pavers each make innovative outdoor designs. Taking the time to elevate the look outdoors is an instant positive change.
  6. Paint a statement wall – Have you always wanted to have a red wall in the living room? Now is the time to think creatively with color. Bold or patterned walls can transform a space.
  7. Replace the windows – The winter is the best time of year to replace windows. We have shorter lead times. Plus, you’ll get the immediate ROI of keeping the chill out and reducing heating bills.
  8. Clean your drapes – One of the dreaded spring cleaning chores can be taken care of any time of year. Give your drapes a revitalization.
  9. Replace the siding – The biggest way to change your home covers parts of the facade and all around the home. Make a statement in the new year with a new, modern siding update.
  10. Cover the mailbox – Did you know that there are seasonal wraps of all styles for mailboxes? Choose one that reflects your taste.
  11. Replace the roof – Not every home improvement is cosmetic. For a potential deteriorating roof, you can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken. A professional should be called if you see leaks. To prevent small problems from becoming larger issues check with a professional.
  12. Deep clean the carpeting – A deep cleaning brings life back into the carpeting. Find a rental cleaner for a simple DIY that will leave your floors looking and smelling better.
  13. Polish hardwood floors – Speaking of floors, use floor polish to bring old floors back to life.
  14. Replace light bulbs – Energy efficient light bulbs use less energy and last longer. This simple investment can make your home more green.
  15. Add a beautiful light fixture – Is your entryway or dining room in need of an elegant upgrade? An energy efficient LED light can make a dramatic statement.
  16. Cut closet clutter – There are several ways to know when clothing has got to go, but if you’re attached and having trouble letting go turn all the hangers backwards. Throughout the season, you’ll turn around just the clothes you wear and you can donate the rest.
  17. Accentuate with crown molding – Even small improvements can go a long way to improving the look and value of your home. Drawing the eyes to the raised decor can make a room seem bigger.
  18. Replace sliding glass doors – Sliding glass doors or side doors can also be due for a renovation if they are a challenge to open and close. Check for drafty doors by lighting a candle, blowing it out, and watching if the smoke leaves the door. Our doors are customizable and luxurious.
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