How to Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

How to Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

Natural light is one of the most appealing features concerning the interior of your home. It can make rooms look more spacious, make the colors of your décor stand out and provide different levels of light throughout the day. Whether you’re an early riser who likes to watch the sun come up or you enjoy relaxing in the evening light, natural light can be comforting.

But one drawback to so much sunlight shining into interior spaces is the effect UV rays have on furniture fabrics. Sunlight fades bright colors of carpets, couches, chairs and other pieces of furniture that aren’t leather or otherwise protected from the sun. Use these tips below to learn how to protect furniture from sun damage.

Can the Sun Damage Furniture?

Yes, the sun can damage furniture. UV rays from the sun can fade bright colors over time and also cause damage to wood, sometimes causing permanent discoloration. UV light can either fade or darken wooden furniture, depending on the type of wood, so it’s important to think about furniture placement in rooms that receive a lot of natural light.

5 Tips for Protecting Furniture From Sun Damage


1. Hang Curtains

Decorating your living room, kitchen and dining area with window treatments can be an effective way to keep out some sunlight and protect furniture from sun damage.

However, for this method to be most effective, nearly 100% of the window has to be covered, and that’s not feasible for many rooms, especially when you want to let in some light. Some window treatment options give you control over the amount of light entering into the room. Options include:

  • Blinds which enable you to change the angle of the slats and raise and lower their level
  • Shades that block out the sun from the top half of the window but permit light to come through the bottom half
  • Window-length or floor-length curtains that can be closed or opened to regulate incoming light levels


2. Avoid Sunlight

This tip may seem obvious, but keeping furniture away from direct sunlight in the first place is one of the best ways to preserve their condition and color. Try to place more valuable pieces in shaded areas of the room away from windows and skylights.

3. Add Window Film

The third tip in this list on how to protect furniture from sun damage is to use window film. When applied to windows on the inside, tinted window film can help block the vast majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays and hopefully prevent your furniture from fading.

Many window film options don’t restrict your view of the outside, either, so you can potentially get the best of both worlds — sun protection and a clear view of the outdoors.

4. Consider Solar Blinds

Solar blinds are window treatments that block up to 95% of UV rays but still allow natural light into a room. Solar blind fabric is typically wound tight enough to protect against sun damage but still provides a good view of the outdoors.

5. Invest in New Windows

While this certainly isn’t a feasible option for everyone, investing in new windows for your home can be an effective way to keep out UV light from the sun. Modern windows have special UV-blocking properties, and some are made with specialty glass that can help prevent sunlight from damaging furniture.

These types of windows are also often energy-efficient, so they can further help regulate interior temperatures, keeping spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Protect Your Furniture From Sun Damage

Can the sun damage furniture? Yes. Can you take steps to protect your furniture from sun damage? Absolutely. By taking a proactive approach to shielding your furniture from sun damage, you can help preserve its condition.

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