2023 Bathroom Design Trends For Ashburn, VA

2023 Bathroom Design Trends For Ashburn, VA

Try These Bathroom Remodeling
Ideas In Your Virginia Home

Are you feeling closed-in and out-of-date in your Ashburn, VA bathroom? Is your master bathroom ready for a facelift? Updating your shower or bath will give your space new life and add value to your home. Imagine an oasis designed to perfectly fit your unique tastes.

Does this sound enticing? Take a look at Top 2023 Design Trends for bathroom and shower replacement projects, and let us help create a relaxing and peaceful escape with these master bathroom design trends!

Shower Trends For Your Ashburn VA
Bathroom Renovation

There are several shower trends that have made their way into our homes in 2023. Let’s look at a few that have the interior design world excited.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

If you have a tub shower instead of a walk-in shower with sliding doors, consider investing in a shower upgrade. Upgrading from a shower curtain to something more durable and long-lasting adds to the elegance of your bathroom and is a surprisingly affordable project. Glass doors are easier to clean than curtains, and last longer with less maintenance.

Shower curtain liners need to be replaced about every 6 months, making it a recurring cost instead of a one-time payment. If they are not properly cared for, dangerous mold can form. Sliding glass doors add to the clean lines of your modern bathroom replacing an outdated curtain look, while eliminating the chances of mold on a shower curtain.

Seamless Shower Screens

Shower curtain liners need to be replaced about every 6 months, making it a recurring cost instead of a one-time payment. Skip the shower door altogether and opt for a seamless shower screen that includes a glass panel protecting just part of the shower area from the showerhead spray. It can help to make a smaller shower appear larger. This is a great alternative for those who may feel “closed in” when showering in a smaller shower or bathroom.

Oversized Walk-In Showers

Converting a traditional bathtub to a walk-in oversized shower immediately modernizes the look of the bathroom. Your new larger shower becomes a focal point with decorative tiles with interesting geometric designs. The space literally becomes an oasis where you can escape and let your muscles relax underneath the hot jets.

Specialty Shower Heads

Add luxury to your shower by replacing a traditional shower head with a rain shower head or with multiple shower heads. If you’re looking for a smaller addition to make your bathroom more serene, adding a shower hose to your shower is practical, making it easier to rinse off, and elevate your showering experience.

Ashburn, Virginia Design Elements
Master Bathroom Designs Trend

Upgrades can bring a pop of color to your bathroom and make it shine with your personal style. Remember, even a simple bath renovation project can turn your bath into an oasis from your long day.

Among the latest bathroom design styles are:

Metallic Accents

Something as small as replacing the hardware in your bathroom can upgrade its look without changing the overall style. Installing a metallic shower door handle with matching faucets creates a sense of fluidity throughout your bathroom and a modernized look. There is a wide variety of bathroom fixtures, making it a highly customizable addition.

Backlit Mirrors

The ring light trend doesn’t have to be limited to selfies; backlit mirrors are typically circle-shaped and protrude from the wall, with a bright light behind the fixture. This elevated mirror is both aesthetic and functional, providing a brighter and clearer reflection for your morning routine.

Patterned Tiling

Forget the traditional white tiling, modern bathrooms are showcasing personality through bold tiling and unique patterns. New bathrooms are using bright colors and non-traditional shapes to freshen the space. Chequerboard tiling is making a comeback as well this year. Of course, afterwards you can have the most fun coordinating your decor to match!

Luxurious Home Spas For 2023
Master Bath Ideas In Virginia

Home spas are another trend that we brought with us into this year. From cool colors to soaking tubs, this is a trend that you can really sink into!

Soaking Tub

Replacing your smaller tub with a larger, isolated bathtub will make your bathroom feel like a day at the spa and provide you the space to relax and rejuvenate. Upgrading a shower tub with a standalone tub adds sophistication to the bathroom. Adding a window or skylight to the space can bring in natural light and a bit of nature into the room while you soak!

Calming Colors

Black can be a calming color that adds a dramatic modern look to a bathroom. Experts suggest using black in one area of the bathroom to determine its effect on lighting in the room. For bathrooms that adjoin the bathroom, pull the color palette from the bedroom into the bathroom for a spa-like feel to the suite.

Custom Windows Trend Takes Virginia By Storm

Made-to-order windows are another great way to upgrade your bathroom. Custom replacement window installation makes it possible for you to get a perfect fit with practically any window type in the style and color that you want, or even custom window shapes and specialty shapes. There are many benefits of custom-sized windows.

For the installation process, you will want to choose a window replacement company that brings you good customer service, and quality windows from popular window brands. A lifetime warranty is also a good incentive to watch for. Finding the right custom window supplier with a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau is crucial.

The benefits of custom windows are easy to see. For example, a good, double hung window in a solid window frame can lower your energy bills. Energy efficient windows are good for both the environment and your bank account. Designing custom windows also boosts curb appeal, increasing the value of your home.

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