5 Steps to Window Cleanup in the Fall from the Pros

5 Steps to Window Cleanup in the Fall from the Pros

With fall in the air, everyone’s mind may be on hayrides, pumpkin spiced lattes, and hanging door wreaths. In between all the fun, it is important to do a little fall cleaning to  prepare your home for winter. These 5 simple steps will protect and clean your windows. With any luck, you’ll breeze through these chores and get back to enjoying the October (and November) sky.

    • Wash your windows. Washing your windows from the inside is a snap when you follow these steps for cleaning replacement vinyl windows. As far as cleaning from the outside, it’s simple to clean the exterior of Thompson Creek’s double hung windows:

  • Clean any nearby light fixtures. Unless you like authentic Halloween decorations, be sure to clear the cobwebs from light fixtures. You can use the same glass solution you used on your windows.
  • Wipe the window sills clean. Use a vacuum to lift out debris from the sill and to clear the interior space of the window. Sometimes vacuuming the screens is helpful, too. When you’ve finished vacuuming, wipe the window sills clean with a damp cloth and more of the solution you used to clean your windows.
  • Store your window screens. According to experts, storing your window screens can help with longevity. During a storm, wind can blow snow that can get trapped between the screen and the window. Ultimately, that snow can cause damage to the window frames and sills. It might even damage the screen mesh depending on the weight of the snow. Read The Case for Removing Window Screens for the Winter
  • Clean the drapery. Many people like to dust drapery at the change of seasons. Others take it all down to wash it thoroughly once a year.

By following these simple steps, your home will not only be clean, but also prepared for whatever weather the winter brings.

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