7 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

7 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re tearing apart a portion of your home during renovations, there’s a lot that can go wrong if you’re not careful. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that some of those mistakes can occur even before the hammer swings. Here are seven common home renovation mistakes that you should try to avoid before you begin your next home improvement project.

#1: Not Having a Realistic Budget

You never know what you’re going to come across when you start a home renovation project. Sometimes, a simple home improvement task turns into a money-hungry problem. Therefore, you should always leave some wiggle room when deciding on a budget for your next project. Don’t think you have enough money set aside just because you have the money needed to do a job. You should always factor in an additional 20% to cover any potential issues that might arise.

#2: Overlooking Function for Form

Sure, a kitchen island is a great addition for a kitchen, but is it right for yours? Any time you’re making any changes or additions, you need to consider how it will impact the function of the space. For instance, will the new island interrupt traffic flow when cooking? Will it make it more difficult to move around the kitchen when you have company over? The same thing applies to where you choose to put doors and windows. Don’t sacrifice function for form, or you’ll ultimately wind up regretting your choices.

#3: Choosing “Trendy” Designs

You might like a recent trend, but does that make it right for your home? When designs trend, they’re often only popular for a limited length of time. As a result, this can have an impact on your home’s resale value if you’re thinking about selling in the future – after the trend’s popularity phase is over.

#4: Buying Materials Too Early

If you buy your materials too early, there’s a good chance that you’re going to buy much more than you need because your project’s plans (including measurements) aren’t yet finalized. There’s also a risk you won’t buy enough. When it comes time to finish the job, the materials you purchased early on could be sold out or discontinued, leaving you with an incomplete job, or worse – being forced to purchase all new materials.

#5: Selecting the Appliances Last

You don’t need to buy your new appliances before you do your home renovation, but you should at least select the ones you want to have included in the job. You want to make sure the appliances you choose are going to accommodate your project, so get it out of the way early.

#6: Trying to Save on Material Costs

Everyone looks to save money on their home improvement projects, but cutting corners on material quality isn’t the place to do it. Buy the most durable, highest-quality materials you can afford. This will help ensure your renovation lasts longer and delivers the best ROI.

#7: Not Consulting Professionals

If you don’t consult professionals before tackling a big renovation, you could find yourself making one of the worst home renovation mistakes. This is especially the case if you don’t have the skills to do a job. When it comes to things like installing new windows, electrical work, roof repair, and other complex tasks, you want to hire a professional to ensure the job is done right.

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