Top Benefits of Bow Windows

Top Benefits of Bow Windows


In this guide, you’ll learn more about the many benefits of bow windows, and why you might want to have one installed on your home.

What Is a Bow Window?

A bow window is like a bay window, but it doesn’t stick out from the side of the home quite as far. This type of window is a popular choice for homeowners who want to add character to their homes and additional space to the room in which the bow window will be installed.

The Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows

For the uninitiated, bay windows and bow windows may look like they’re the same thing. After all, both types of windows protrude from the exterior of the home and feature a ledge, but there are distinct differences between them.

Bay windows protrude out from the home in sharp angles and are typically made up of 3 sections, also called “lites.” Bow windows, on the other hand, don’t protrude as sharply, and instead feature more of a rounded curve.

Top Benefits and Advantages of Bow Windows

There are three key benefits of bow windows – they allow in more natural light, they’re fully customizable, and they can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.

Bow windows can let more natural light in because they’re simply larger than your standard window. They provide you with a greater view of the outdoors, and make the room appear larger when you’re standing in it. This type of window also features a shelf that can be used as seating, storage, or for decorative purposes.

Unlike many other types of windows, bow windows can be customized to suit any homeowner’s wants and needs. While three lites are generally required to make a bow window, you can have your window made from four, five, or even more lites, depending on the size and scope of the window you want. You can even choose the types of windows you want it to feature, as well as the height and placement of the installation.

A bow window not only adds beauty to the room’s interior, but it also makes your home look great from the curb. Because this window can be substantially larger than a traditional window, it gives the home an elegant and more interesting appearance.

While these are the three primary advantages of bow windows, there’s yet another that may prove more important than all the others – greater energy efficiency. If your windows are old and the seals are worn, then having them replaced by a new bow window will restore your home’s energy efficiency, making the interior more comfortable year-round.

Contact Thompson Creek for a Free Estimate on Your Bow Window Installation

A bow window is the ultimate customizable window option, and at Thompson Creek, we make it easy and affordable for you to get the window you have always dreamed about. Thompson Creek’s bow windows are custom-built for your home, using the highest quality materials currently available.

Whether you’re looking for a standard bow window or you want a larger window, our experienced craftsmen can create the perfect window for your home. And, everything is backed by our hassle-free warranty.

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