Signs of a Bad Window Installment

Signs of a Bad Window Installment

If replacement windows are installed correctly, they can add curb appeal to your home and may bring functional benefits such as noise reduction and lower heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, window installations can go wrong, leaving you with a multitude of costly problems. Learn the warning signs of a bad window installation and how to avoid having this happen to you.

The Red Flags of a Bad Window Installation

New windows should look great, open and close easily, and be energy efficient. If your replacement windows haven’t been installed correctly, you may notice one or more of the following problems:

  • Gaps: Your new windows should fit perfectly. If you’ve had a bad window installation, any gaps left between the windowsill and the frame are usually easy to spot. They typically occur when the glass is too small to fit snugly in the frame, which results from inaccurate measurements.
  • Drafts: Drafts can occur for many reasons, but if you’re feeling drafts around new, energy-efficient windows, it’s a sure sign that they weren’t installed properly. New windows should fit tightly to eliminate drafts caused by air passing through from the outside.
  • Foggy glass: If the inside of your replacement windows are fogging up, it probably means the seal between the panes has been compromised. This seal holds in the gas that’s used to enhance energy efficiency, and it can be broken if an installer isn’t careful, leading to fog between the panes and reducing energy efficiency.
  • Water damage: Windows should keep your home safe from the elements. If your windows were installed incorrectly, water from even a light rain can find its way inside, causing damage to your belongings and threatening your home’s structural integrity. To check for damage, look around and below your windows for wet spots, chipped or bubbling paint, or wrinkled, stained, or yellowed wallpaper.
  • Poor functionality: Your new windows should perform according to the product specifications. If they’re hard to operate, refuse to lock, or stick in the open or closed position, it may be due to a product defect or an improper installation.
  • Visual imperfections: New windows should add visual appeal to your home from the inside and the outside. If you notice imperfections such as crooked windows, chipped frames, or messy caulking, it’s a sure sign that you’ve had a bad replacement window installation.

Improperly installed windows can result in serious problems, such as higher energy bills and even structural damage to your home. If your newly installed windows don’t meet your expectations, you should contact the installer immediately so they can send a technician to your home to assess and correct the problem.

Never Experience a Bad Window Installation Again

The first step in a successful replacement window installation is to choose the right company. When you work with a reputable window retailer, trained industry professionals take accurate measurements, deliver products that are built to the correct specifications, and install your windows with precision.

Whether you’re looking to install traditional double-hung windows or you want an exciting custom design, Thompson Creek works with you from the initial consultation through the installation process to ensure you get the high-quality windows you want for your home. Plus, our no-hassle warranty protects you against product defects and issues that arise during the installation process, so you never have to worry about a bad replacement window installation. Schedule a free in-home estimate today to get your project started.