Benefits of Custom Windows

Benefits of Custom Windows

If a renovation project, new home build or a home addition is in your plans, considering custom windows should be part of your discussion. There are many benefits to custom windows that you should consider.

Here are the advantages of using custom windows for your home. “Custom” means the window will be specifically manufactured for your home using precise measurements and designed to complement a home’s style and function.

Custom Windows Add Individuality

More often than not, the main motive for starting a project on your home is for visual appeal. An advantage of custom windows is they allow you to incorporate your style in a unique way that’s sure to add curb appeal and catch your guests’ attention.

With a variety of materials, colors and depths, windows can be created and installed more or less to your imagination. As opposed to the basic square or rectangle designs offered by stock windows found at hardware stores, custom windows can be built to be any shape or design to match the needs of a room.

With many options of color and design, the only limit to what your new windows can look like is your own imagination

Custom Windows Provide Maximum Energy Efficiency

If your current windows are nearing 20 years old, chances are they’ve lost a lot if valuable insulation, which could result in drafty windows, and an increase in your heating/cooling bill. Because custom windows are custom fit to the measurements of the opening, there is less opportunity for air leakages from the get-go. You can also choose the option of a triple pane glass package that adds a layer of thermal protection but are heavier than their doublepane counterpart. Whether you opt for double or triple pane, the money you can save on your energy bill adds up over time and makes a noticeable difference in your wallet. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy states that heat gain and heat loss through windows accounts for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling usage.  Energy-efficient windows can help.

Custom Windows Add Resale Value

Installing new windows is constantly listed as one of the top ten home improvement projects that add value to your home, and adding custom windows could potentially up your home’s price tag. A drafty home can often turn off buyers immediately as will a home inspection that notes rotting window frames and condensation between window panes. It’s harder to negotiate repairs in the deal than putting your home’s best foot forward upon listing.

Custom Windows Blend

If you’re planning a renovation or addition to your home, the benefit of custom windows will be the ability to use the materials available to closely match the original portions of the home. This way the new windows will mimic what’s already on your home making your renovation or addition appear seamless. Custom colors, window shapes, and specialty grid patterns are all available to customize your home’s windows.

Custom Windows Provide Greater Comfort

Outside noises can be disruptive inside the home. Custom windows can make sure your home be an oasis. Double pane windows can help. Thompson creek offers an exclusive Sound Shield glass package that can reduce sound and often unwanted exterior noises by up to 35 percent compared to standard sound-reducing double pane windows.


The Many Advantages of Custom Windows

Homeowners can take great comfort when custom windows are not just decorative but functional as well. Windows are often a main point of entry for burglars, so it’s important your custom windows fit securely and their locking mechanisms work properly.

The advantages of custom windows range from practical to decorative. When choosing the right replacement windows for your home, consult with a Thompson Creek expert who can help you evaluate what’s best for your home.