All About Bath Conversions

All About Bath Conversions

When you realize it’s time to improve your bathroom, you’ll see just how many ways there are to move forward. From a simple reglazing to a full remodel, there are many paths forward to a fresh space. But what’s the right one for you? Given all the variables, like installation time, maintenance, durability, and affordability, you have a lot to consider. One modern solution that’s increasingly popular is a bath conversion. It does hit the sweet spot for many of those factors. But is it the best fit for what you’re looking for? Let’s talk all about bath conversion. That way we can make sure you’re getting just what you need for your home.

What Is A Bath Conversion?

The standard bathroom design has historically included a shower/tub combination. Recently this trend has been replaced by large, modern showers that offer many more benefits than bathtubs. From style, to convenience, to safety, these showers can really add value to both your home and your lifestyle. If your home still has a tub, you can easily convert to a shower you desire.

Reasons to convert:

  • Safety and accessibility
  • Cleaner and healthier
  • Update Style and enhance comfort
  • Increased space and convenience
  • Less stress and maintenance

Put simply, a bath conversion is an upgrade for the wet areas of the bathroom, like the tub and shower.

It’s a fast, affordable way to upgrade your bathroom space. That includes customizing your new shower, upgrading your existing bath to a shower, or making your shower experience safer.

How does a bath conversion compare with other popular bathroom remodels?

One-Day Installation

A full-on remodel, floor-to-ceiling, upgrade-everything approach can take up to three weeks. While the end results may be what you envisioned, the process can be invasive.

The shortest treatment you’ll find for your tub is reglazing. Also called resurfacing or refinishing, it includes sanding, filling in cracks, applying coats and primer, and refinishing. All said and done, it can be done in less than a day.

Thompson Creek Bath Systems, by comparison, can be done in as little as a day. This means a more involved treatment than simply addressing problem areas. But it also won’t inconvenience your family for weeks.

Lower Maintenance

As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself just what you’ll be expected to do after your bath conversion. Part of the joy of a new bathroom is how nice it looks and how refreshing it feels to use it. Plus, an upgraded bath should take less time for care and upkeep. Life will certainly be simpler, especially if you’ve been cleaning up after leaking areas or tending to cracks.

All you’ll need to do to maintain your bath conversion is the same regular cleaning that you’re used to. Whether you’ve done a full remodel or just redone the tile, regular disinfecting will keep your new space safe and clean.


Getting the right look for your home is a big part of remodeling a bathroom area. Both you and your guests will be spending time there, so you want it to look fresh and modern.

Unfortunately, certain bathroom conversions are purely functional. Reglazing and recycled acrylic overlay won’t improve your bathroom’s aesthetics.

For a decent amount of personalization, fiberglass, tile, and Thompson Creek Bath Systems can improve the styling.

On the other end of the spectrum, a full remodel gives you complete control over the outcome.


When you’re starting to research options for redoing your bath, it’s normal to think about how long the improvements will last.

As you might expect, you’ll get out what you put in. The quicker fixes tend to need attention sooner. In our experience, reglazing, tile upgrades, and fiberglass are the least durable options.

Full remodels and recycled acrylic overlays provide more durability.

For the longest-lasting option, Thompson Creek bathtub-to-shower conversions are the frontrunner, thanks to quality materials and professional installation.


The more involved your bath conversion, the more expensive it tends to be.

A full remodel can involve multiple contractors and take weeks, but you’ll get exactly the bathroom you want. Still, that can be pricier.

Shorter-term solutions like tile and recycled acrylic overlays won’t be as expensive in the present, meaning you can get the improvement you’re looking for now. It may mean follow-up work later on, however.

Sometimes the best way to frame affordability is weighing the present against the future. With Thompson Creek, you’ll get a competitively priced upgrade that lasts far longer, saving you money in the long run.


We all sleep better when we have peace of mind about our decisions. Our home is no exception.

For services like reglazing and tile replacement, you likely won’t find a warranty offered. Others like full remodels may offer warranties, but it is case by case.

To be sure the work is done right and the right parts are used is a relief. That’s why Thompson Creek offers lifetime warranties on all the bathtub and shower products installed in your home.

The Next Steps For Converting Your Bath

Doing your research is a valuable part of the bath conversion process. No two homes are alike, so it’s important to get expert advice on the best way forward for yours.

At Thompson Creek, we are proud of the work we do and the solutions we provide. We’re happy to offer a free design consultation for you. To get just the space you’re looking for, schedule yours today.