Aluminum Vs. Vinyl Gutters – Pros and Cons

Aluminum Vs. Vinyl Gutters – Pros and Cons

Are aluminum gutters better than vinyl? If you’ve been shopping for gutters, you may have already noticed there are numerous materials to choose from. If you’re considering vinyl or aluminum gutters, this guide should help you decide which type of gutters is right for your home.   

Some of the most important factors you should consider include how much it costs to maintain your gutters, what material protects against leaking, and how easy it is to install your gutters.   

Aluminum Gutters vs Vinyl Gutters: Pros of Each Material  

Aluminum is much more popular than vinyl, but each material has benefits. The primary benefits of vinyl include not rusting and corroding and protecting against denting and other deformities.     

When most contractors have a choice between vinyl or aluminum gutters, they typically choose aluminum because it holds up better in extreme weather, is easier to install, and lasts longer than vinyl under most conditions. Both materials can last longer if you maintain and repair them, but aluminum is easier to maintain than vinyl.   

Aluminum vs Vinyl Gutters: Cons of Each Material  

If you’re choosing from aluminum or vinyl gutters, where you live could have a large impact. If you live somewhere that experiences a lot of snowfall, vinyl gutters won’t last as long and could prove unreliable. While they’re rust and corrosion-resistant, ice and cold weather can cause them to crack, especially when water freezes inside of them. In addition, vinyl gutters have gaps in them that may allow water to escape into areas you don’t want it.  

While aluminum is easier to repair and maintain, it is a little more expensive than vinyl gutters due to its high-quality nature. You may be able to recoup that cost over time if you care for your gutters properly. Aluminum gutters are much more affordable than other metals though, and those other metals only offer marginal benefits for their increased cost.   

Installing Aluminum vs Vinyl Gutters  

While vinyl gutters are cheaper, you might have a hard time finding a contractor who installs them as they are more difficult to install. Aluminum gutters are much easier to install and repair, so contractors prefer to use aluminum when they can.  

Repair Costs  

While you won’t need to worry as much about rust or corrosion when you install vinyl gutters, they often crack or break under a lot of pressure. Aluminum is much easier and cheaper to repair by comparison.   

Benefits of Thompson Creek Replacement Gutters  

Thompson Creek installs aluminum gutter systems designed to channel water away from your home during all four seasons. Our gutter hoods prevent leaves, branches, and other debris from clogging your gutters and because they’re made of aluminum, they’re affordable and durable. Our gutters also offer a stunning appearance.  

If you maintain your gutters properly, they could last you up to 50 years. That’s a lifetime of protection from water and ice buildup all year long. Discover all of our service areas and contact us today if you’re considering aluminum gutters for your home.