Gutter Ideas for Your Home

Gutter Ideas for Your Home

Your home’s rain gutters are channels that collect and divert rainwater away from your roof, foundation, and walls, preventing damage to your property and avoiding costly repairs. They are pivotal to the lifespan and functionality to your home, but they don’t have to be an eyesore. There are five creative ways to integrate your gutters into the overall look and design of your home’s exterior. 

1. Use rain gutters to water your garden 

Put your gutters to work! If you have a vegetable or plant garden alongside your house, installing your gutters to funnel rainfall onto your garden is a smart way to tend to your plants while giving your gutters a second purpose. It not only saves you manual labor it helps saves money on your water bill 

2. Incorporate your gutters into a green wall 

A green wall, also known as a living wall, is a side of your home that has been renovated to incorporate plants and greenery. Installing vines, ivy, and plant holders onto the side of your house creates a natural look, incorporating nature into your home’s design. This decorative design would disguise your gutter system, especially if your downspout is painted green. 

3. Install a rain chain instead of a downspout to your gutter system 

A rain chain is a decorative piece that directs water down the side of your home. It functions in the same way that a downspout does but comes in a wide variety of designs, letting you choose one that matches your personal preference. Most also function similarly to a windchime, making a pretty chime sound as flows through. Rain chains attached to your home’s gutter system and should be carefully installed to function as a downspout to direct water away from your foundation.  

4. Add a waterfall feature to your gutter system 

Channeling rainfall into a small pond or adding pebbles to direct the runoff adds an element of nature to your downspout. Simply add pebbles to the spout where water runs out for a decorative addition, plus the water makes a calming sound when flowing over these. This feature can also help with runoff directing water to filter through pebbles into the ground or into a small pond instead of onto the pavement or driveway where it can cause cracking.  

5. Paint 

It may seem like a simple solution, but painting your gutters the same shade as your home’s exterior will help your gutter system to blend in. Instead of altering your gutter system to make it more decorative, aiming to blend it in will make it less of an eyesore, with minimal effort. Be sure to use waterproof and durable paint that will be able to withstand weather. The Thompson Creek gutter system comes in 16 premium, long-lasting colors so you can find the perfect color complement for your home. 

Besides making physical changes to your gutter system to make it less of an eyesore, keeping your gutters cleaned, unclogged and secure to your home will increase its aesthetic. Investing in gutters with hoods to keep leaves and debris out will eliminate the chance of clogged gutters, making for less maintenance and worry when the next rainfall comes. Also, having your gutter system installed using one seamless trough will keep your gutters secure, and decrease the change of your gutters pulling away from your home, which can make your gutters look dingy and cheap.  

Remember, a well-maintained and attractive gutter system can increase your home’s curb appeal and prevent water damage, so it’s worth investing some time and effort into making them look their best. Having a contractor install your gutters with precision is the first step to keeping your gutter system looking its best. Call a Thompson Creek gutter expert today to see how our replacement gutter system can add to the function and style of your home’s exterior.