Annapolis Maritime Museum Summer Camp Expansion and Refurbishment

Annapolis Maritime Museum Summer Camp Expansion and Refurbishment

When Annapolis Maritime Museum announced plans to expand and refurbish the Back Creek Nature Park location Thompson Creek responded by outfitting the new Education Center with windows. The goal to bring the building back to life as a classroom serves the thousands of children who attend events and programs at the museum each year. Through hands-on experiences, students learn about bay ecology and Annapolis’ rich maritime history.

“Our new location, the Back Creek Nature Park, is a window to the Chesapeake Bay.”

It is hoped that this space will be an inspirational playground, fostering nature and a love of the environment. As someone who grew up in Annapolis, Rick Wuest, CEO and President of Thompson Creek understands the value of promoting educational programs in the area and providing opportunities to discover the magic of the Chesapeake Bay.

“Thompson Creek Window Company is proud to partner with the Annapolis Maritime Museum on this education center improvement initiative,” Wuest shared. “As a family-owned company founded in Annapolis, we understand the importance of saving energy and improving the environment. This donation is one way we can contribute to the museum’s programs and reinforce the importance of educating the next generation of environmental stewards.”

This installation included 4 windows manufactured at the local Thompson Creek facility in Upper Marlboro. The replacement windows feature energy efficient panes that exemplify the facility’s goals to demonstrate environmental stewardship. Previously, the windows in the facility didn’t open. The new windows feature a dramatic black capping to match the aesthetics of the building.

Thompson Creek - Annpolis Martime Museum

In our video you can see the care and consideration that went into the installation and the ease of use in operating the new windows. We are thrilled to be able to partner with the Annapolis Maritime Museum to help create a beautiful space for families to learn and grow right here on the bay.

Thompson Creek - Annpolis Martime Museum Before and After