Are Bow Windows An Outdated Window Style In Reisterstown, MD?

Are Bow Windows An Outdated Window Style In Reisterstown, MD?

Enhancing Your Home With Bow Windows Can Be A Stylish, Contemporary Choice

Bow and bay windows look stunning and are popular on rustic and older properties. They’re less commonly seen on new builds, but properties with them have a lot of curb appeal. So, are bow windows in Reisterstown MD in style?

Their popularity throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington D.C. area suggests that they’re still as fashionable as ever.

Bow Windows Vs. Bay Windows

Bay and bow windows are both styles of window that feature multiple panes, so weighing the benefits of a bow window vs. a bay window is important.

Bay windows usually feature three panes, forming a polygonal shape. Bay windows often have a small seating area in them, adding extra space to the room.

Bow windows are bigger than bay windows and usually have four or five panes.

Bows are generally gently curved windows due to their larger size and additional panes. They let in even more natural light than bay windows, and they add more space to the room, too. This is one of the most sought-after bow window features.

Bay windows are often associated with the English Renaissance period. They were popular because of the additional natural light they let into buildings. During this time period, indoor lighting options were limited.

Today, bay and bow windows are more commonly appreciated as a way of expanding a room slightly, creating extra seating or storage space in a property that’s otherwise limited in size.

Are Bow Windows Fashionable?

Bow windows are still fashionable, visually appealing, and highly sought-after by prospective buyers. It’s true, however, that this style of window is often viewed as not being energy efficient due to the extra glass presenting more surface area for heat to escape through.

But modern glazing technology can greatly improve the energy efficiency of this style of window. New frames, coatings, and double or triple-glazed panes offer far higher performance than traditional designs.

Rather than fewer, there are now more bow window design ideas than ever, so whatever your home’s aesthetic, you may be able to find one for your home.

Replacing Bow And Bay Windows

If you have bay or bow windows that are more than a decade old, it would be a wise move to replace them. Older windows may be poorly designed or incorrectly installed, leading to rotting wood and reduced energy performance.

Sun and moisture issues can lead to the interior seat becoming warped or damaged. Some older designs have poorly made handles or cranks that can stick or even fall off, leaving the owner unable to open or close the window.

Replacing an old wooden bow window with a more modern design, or even vinyl windows, is often the most cost-effective and efficient way of breathing new life into that area of the house. Bow window replacement can be quite affordable since the existing work of creating the space for the window has already been done.

Adding A New Bow Window To Your Home

The charm of bow windows is undeniable, but they’re something a lot of property developers overlook in favor of simple single or double-hung windows. If you’d love a little extra space in your living room or bedroom, perhaps for a reading nook or just somewhere to relax and watch the sunset, installing new bay windows is a good option.

Because of the size of bow windows and the number of panes involved in their construction, it’s important to have bow window replacement or installation carried out by professionals. At Thompson Creek, we offer a variety of bow window designs and sizes.

We also offer other matching window designs and exterior doors, helping homeowners create a polished and consistent look and feel for their homes.

Our bow windows seamlessly combine picture, double-hung, or casement windows to craft an elegant arc. Choose from options like obscure glass, tempered glass, triple glazing, or Sound Shield panes to optimize thermal efficiency and noise reduction. A meticulously designed bow window becomes a captivating centerpiece for your living space.

If you’d like to know more about Thompson Creek’s windows and door offerings for your Reisterstown, MD home, fill out our contact form today to book a no-obligation consultation or give us a call at (301) 880-4474.