Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient

Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient

Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient?

Recently, more people have been wondering: Are casement windows energy efficient? They’re directly attached to a frame by hinges, which can be located at the top, bottom, or sides. They come with significantly tighter seals than sliding windows, which makes them highly energy-efficient. In this article, you’ll discover what makes casement windows so economical and find out other benefits of this type of window.

Are Casement Windows Energy-Efficient?

Are casement windows more energy-efficient than other types of window? At Thompson Creek, we know the answer is yes. While all our windows are energy efficient, the following factors make casement windows the best choice for lowering utility bills.

Tighter Seals

The standout feature of casement windows is the tight seals on all four sides, which can be strengthened by strong winds rather than weakened. Windows that use rails have more room for air to escape, while casement windows prevent air from escaping through tiny cracks around the frames’ edges.

Low-E Glass

In addition to being airtight, most people opt for casement windows with Low-E glass to block harmful UV rays and reduce heat loss. You might pay a little more for this type of glass upfront, but you’ll make additional savings on energy bills and recuperate the loss over time.

Double Pane With Argon Gas

You might wonder why bother with double panes when you get casement windows. The answer is additional savings! A double pane filled with argon gas goes even further to prevent the outside temperature from impacting your indoor temperature.

Other Benefits of Casement Windows

There are plenty more advantages to choosing casement windows because they’re easy to use and come with a ton of features. They’re secure, stylish, and energy-efficient, which is what makes them such a popular choice with modern homeowners.


Casement windows offer unparalleled opening and ventilation capabilities because they open further than any other type of window. Sliding, fixed, and double-hung windows don’t open as widely or offer as much ventilation.

Enhanced Security

All of a casement window’s hardware is hidden in the frame, which makes them practically impossible to tamper with. As such, they’re one of the most secure window frame options on the market.

Less Framework

No other windows offer the unobscured views you get from casement windows. There aren’t any sections separating your vista of the outside world, and with all hardware hidden, there’s minimal visual clutter. No other type of window provides such a refined viewing experience.

Glazing Options

You can add pretty much any glass design you want to your casement windows. From stained glass to beveled designs, and double or triple glazing with Low-E glass, the choices are practically endless.

Minimal Maintenance

Casement windows from Thompson Creek are built to last and won’t rot like wooden frames. Simply lubricate the hinges every once in a while to keep the mechanism functioning optimally.


Every home is different, and every family has slightly varying requirements. You can choose different handle designs, glass, hinges, and colors to match the casement windows to your property and personal style.

Get Your Casement Windows From Thompson Creek

So, are casement windows more energy-efficient than other styles? The answer is a resounding yes. Contact us today to replace your older windows with casement windows and save money on your energy bills.

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