Are French Doors Safe & Secure?

Are French Doors Safe & Secure?

French doors are beloved by homeowners for their inviting nature and for the abundance of light they allow into the home. But as appealing as they are, French doors are thought by many homeowners to be somewhat less secure than the standard entry door. So, are French doors safe and secure?

The answer is, yes, they are. French doors come with the same quality locking mechanisms found in standard doors, making them just as safe and secure. The biggest risk these types of doors present is when they aren’t installed properly.

The Risks of Installing a French Door Yourself

A poorly installed French door is simply easier to break into than one that was installed by a professional who has years of experience installing them. Homeowners who aren’t experienced installing doors can often make mistakes that can leave the doors more accommodating to thieves.

A simple measurement mistake can result in the gap between the doors being slightly larger than it’s supposed to be. In the end, this doesn’t allow the doors to close and seal as tightly as they should.

Does the Amount of Glass Make French Doors Less Secure?

The large panes of glass tend to be what makes French doors so attractive, but because they’re glass, many people may think that they leave the home less secure. The truth is, if the glass is reinforced and/or double-glazed, then this usually isn’t a problem.

Thieves are more likely to focus on the lock or the space between the doors than risk exposing themselves by breaking such a large pane of glass. French doors made with single panes of glass are much more likely to be broken into than sturdier doors with higher quality glass.

For even greater safety and security, you can also opt for hurricane-rated laminated glass. This type of glass comes featuring an extra layer of plastic that’s designed to help the glass withstand the impact of a hurricane.

How to Maximize French Door Security

Although a good quality French door is safe and secure, there are always things you can do to enhance the security of your home. Most importantly, this includes installing a door lock with a three-point locking mechanism to make it more difficult to pick. You should also use screws that are at least three inches long to ensure the door is very well secured to the doorframe.

Get Your French Door Installed by Pros

The biggest risk of French doors comes from poor installation, not from the glass. Installation problems can cause leaking issues with French doors.  If you want French doors on your home, then have them installed by a professional with plenty of experience with this type of job.

Contact Thompson Creek today and let us handle your French door installation for you. We can design, build, and install French doors made of steel or fiberglass. You can get the door you’ve always wanted with your choice of color, sidelight options, grid styles, inswing vs. outswing, and right vs. left door activation. Contact our French door experts to get a free estimate today!

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