Attic and Dormer Window Types

Attic and Dormer Window Types

Attic windows can turn an unused storage spot into a room with a view. .. If you feel like your attic is full of wasted potential, convert it into your dream space with add-ons like dormer windows that suit your home and your needs. . 

What Are Dormer Windows? 

Dormer windows are attached to the structure that juts out of a sloped roof that covers the attic. This structure typically has its own roof, like a tiny house. The position of these windows funnels natural light into an area of the house that often struggles to shine. 

In fact, the word “dormer” comes from a similar French word that means “sleeping room.” These windows were originally used to illuminate attic sleeping spaces in the 16th century when alternative lighting options were scarce and often unsafe. 

Common Attic Window Types 

There are several types of dormer windows that are commonly found attached to attics: 

  • Gable dormers are the most common attic windows. These dormers are installed underneath structures with pointed roofs. 
  • Gambrel dormers are similar to gable dormers but the diagonal roof slopes downward with two vertical sides. 
  • Hip dormers offer a three-dimensional triangle that sits over the window. 
  • Shed dormers appear horizontal with a slight tilt so that rain, snow, and dead leaves don’t build up on the structure. 
  • Wall dormers sit on structures attached directly to the exterior wall. 
  • Eyebrow dormers have curved roofs, just like an eyebrow. 
  • Blind dormers are “fake” windows you can’t see from inside the house. Installers attach it to the house instead of mounting it inside the wall. 

Other popular options include hopper and awning windows with hinges that open at the top or bottom. Homeowners commonly install these windows in basements, but they’re simple and compact for small attic spaces too. Sliding windows feature multiple panels that open and close on a slider for quick access when you need some fresh air. 

Do You Need Dormer Windows? 

If you find yourself longing to use your attic more often but you are wary because of the lack of light or stagnant air, dormer windows may be the answer. 

With energy-efficient dormer windows that feature tight seals, multiple panes, and special coatings, your new installations can prevent leaks, cold drafts, and mold growth. It’s an investment into attic living that may even have a positive effect on your heating and cooling bills. 

Attic windows can also improve your home’s value by adding attractive details to the exterior. Match your windows to existing doors and trim or opt for an old-fashioned dormer for vintage appeal. Plus, a liveable attic means more square footage for potential buyers. 

Replace Your Dormer Windows 

Installing attic windows is a complicated process that requires professional skill. If you’re thinking about replacing an attic window, reach out to a contractor to find the right product for your home’s layout, exterior design, available space, and roof shape. Does your window have broken or damaged glass? Rather than replacing a single pane, consider upgrading the entire window for a boost in both quality and design.  

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