Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn Home Maintenance

Just like you need to swap out your wardrobe from summer to winter clothing, your home needs to prepare for a change of seasons too. Here’s a must-do checklist to get your home ready for the colder months.

  1. Inspect your heating system

Your heating system has had the summer off and now it’s almost time to fire it back up. Is your heating system ready to perform? It’s a good idea to get a trained technician to perform a maintenance check on your system to change filters and test the system for leaks or other insufficiencies. Spending a little bit of money to maintain your system will prevent you from burning big bucks on repairs in the middle of winter.

  1. Prepare your pipes

Burst pipes can break your wallet when it comes to repairing the water damage that results. Don’t let winter weather cause your outdoor faucet to freeze. Make sure to locate the shutoff valve for all your outdoor water amenities such as hose bibbs, sprinkler supply lines and pool water supply lines and turn it to the “off” position. Then bleed the exterior faucets to make sure water is not trapped in the spigot or lines.

  1. Clean your gutters

Blocked gutters can cause major problems if water cannot move freely through the system. Trapped water can freeze and back up into your roofline and even into your attic and drywall. Fall is a great time to keep on top of those falling leaves and keep them out of your gutter. If your home’s gutter system has damage or is failing, consider replacing it with a Thompson Creek gutter guard system that is virtually maintenance free.

  1. Conduct a home energy audit

During the winter your heating bill becomes one of your biggest monthly expenses. Make sure you are only paying for the energy you are consuming inside your home. Faulty windows and doors, failing weather stripping and cracked seals can make your home heating system work harder and cost you more to heat your home. You can find out how to conduct your own home energy audit or hire a professional.

  1. Evaluate trees and shrubs

Summer storms can damage the trees and shrubs on your property. Overgrown branches can cause problems if they break off due to ice build-up. Take a walk around your home. Look for trees that need to be trimmed or any signs trees are damaged or diseased. Rake leaves on the property. A blanket of fallen leaves can inhibit spring growth.

  1. Check your roof

Before winter’s heavy snows pile on, you should make sure your roof is in good health. A Thompson Creek professional offers free roofing inspection using specialized equipment. You can do a few things on your own to check if your roof is in good shape. There are also a few tips when checking your roof’s health that you should follow.

  1. Clean your fireplace

Get ready for those cozy winter fires. Call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney before using it for the first time this season to prevent dangerous chimney fires. A professional can also make sure your chimney flue is working properly to prevent heat from escaping.

  1. Swap screens for storm windows and doors

If you use screens now is the time to pop them off and replace them with the winter storm windows and doors for the season. It will also give you a chance to inspect your windows and doors for tight seals and any mechanical issues. Use weather stripping or caulking to seal drafts and leaks. You may discover your windows and doors need to be replaced due to moisture damage or other issues. Replacement doors and windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Complete Your Fall Checklist Today!

Fall provides just the buffer weather you need to make sure your home makes a smooth transition from the summer heat to the winter winds. Our Thompson Creek experts are here to help you complete your Fall home checklist!