Bathroom safety for aging in place

Bathroom safety for aging in place

Are we underestimating how dangerous our bathroom is for those who are aging in place? It’s a confined space, with great potential for standing water, and a lot of things to trip over or fall into.

Thompson Creek has the quality products and expertise to help your loved ones age in place safely. We have the knowledge of what safety risks to look for and how to fix them. Additionally, we carry the reliable Thompson Creek products you know and love to help us make safety your top priority.

Let’s take a closer look at aging in place and what it means for bathroom safety.

Aging In Place

More than ever, seniors are looking to preserve their independence and live the rest of their days exactly how they would like. When someone decides to stay in their home rather than entering assisted living, that is called aging in place. Their home will likely need to be retrofitted to compensate for the diminished range of movement and strength that comes along with aging.

The importance of independence

For the elderly, using the bathroom and washing or showering on their own is an important aspect of remaining self-sufficient. Bathroom safety should always be top-of-mind for those with decreased mobility and reaction time.

Cognitive skills, visual perception, balance, motor function, and mobility are all required to perform tasks in the bathroom.

Senior Bathroom Safety Statistics

The bathroom is one of the most hazardous places in any home. Here are a few statistics:

  1. 66% of bathroom injuries happen in the tub or shower.
  2. According to the CDC, 1 out of every 4 senior citizens will fall at least once every year, and more than half of those falls occur in the bathroom.
  3. Around 370 individuals are injured in bathrooms every day in the United States.
  4. Roughly one-half of all seniors who suffer fall lose their confidence to be active and may begin to avoid some activities.
  5. states that more than half of all injuries suffered by individuals aged 85 and older actually occur near or around the toilet.

Addressing Bathroom Safety while Aging in Place

Whether you are planning your twilight years or helping someone else age in place, consider taking steps towards bathroom safety. Let’s not let our loved ones turn into statistics. Things to pay extra close attention to are:

  • Getting in and out of a tub
  • Counter height
  • Faucet and flusher placement
  • Toilet height
  • Tub safety features like benches or non-slip surfaces

Thompson Creek Drive Bathroom Safety!

That’s where Thompson Creek comes in. We offer designs and solutions to help your loved one age in place safely. The Thompson Creek brand is strong, and that’s no accident. With over 40 years of experience behind it, why wouldn’t you choose a Thompson Creek tub-to-shower conversion? Check out some of the things we have to offer and call to set your free consultation.