Bathroom Safety Tips For Aging In Place In Annapolis, MD

Bathroom Safety Tips For Aging In Place In Annapolis, MD

From Safety Grab Bars To Shower Stools, We Have All The Bathroom Safety Secrets For Seniors

In our previous installment of, “Bathroom Safety for Aging in Place”, we discussed the concept of aging in place. Many seniors are self-reliant and usually aren’t willing to trade their independent lifestyles for life in assisted-living.

Increasingly more seniors in Maryland are choosing to age in place, so in-home safety should be on the top of the list of considerations for them. Specifically, bathroom safety is of the utmost importance, and not all homes are equipped with elderly-friendly bathrooms.

After all, we’re experts on all the bath and shower remodeling trends, so senior-friendly bathrooms are right in our wheelhouse.

That’s why we put together this helpful guide to bathroom safety solutions in Annapolis, MD.

Aging-In-Place Bathroom Safety Ideas

Here is a list of some bathroom safety equipment you can install and how they can factor into safe bathroom design:

1) Installing An Elevated Toilet Seat

It can be very difficult for seniors to negotiate the sitting and standing involved in using the toilet. You may want to consider installing an elevated or raised toilet seat to make it less of a journey.

Keep in mind that seniors aged 85 and up experience more bathroom-related injuries on the toilet than in the shower. So, an elevated toilet seat would be a relatively inexpensive and easy improvement to make that could markedly increase the overall safety of your bathroom.

2) Utilizing A Handheld Showerhead

Using a handheld showerhead might help some seniors feel more independent and protected against the possibility of a spill. It is much easier to sit on a bath bench and use a hand nozzle than to maneuver under the shower head while standing.

3) Installing Safety Grab Bars

Towel racks are not grab bars! Towel racks are not meant to withstand the weight of a human. They can easily bend, break, or become unattached. This, of course, can damage the wall and other surfaces at the very least. If the towel bar comes out of the wall while trying to put all your weight on it, then it and you are going down.

Grab bars can be used to help the elderly stay stable, reducing the danger of falling while using the bathroom.

These grab bars play such an important role in providing stability to seniors who, for whatever reason, lose their footing and rely on the dependable sturdiness of a safety grab bar.

4) Using A Shower Stool

Seniors, or anyone with mobility issues, can use these ingenious, suspended shower benches to sit comfortably and shower without fear. In the past, there were issues with regular shower stool legs slipping and sliding. All of that is alleviated here. Our shower seats are wall-mounted and fold up when not in use.

5) Replacing Dedicated Faucet Knobs With A Dual-Functioning Single Hot & Cold Faucet

If you have dedicated “hot” and “cold” faucet knobs, you may want to think of installing a modern single-lever faucet that serves both hot and cold water, thus reducing risky maneuvering while in the shower or tub.

6) Using A Non-Skid Bath Mat

There are many options out there when it comes to floor mats for bathrooms. One option could be to use non-slip suction mats.

Water can linger on the floor next to the shower and the sink. Place a suction or thick rubber mat outside of the tub in addition to the non-skid mat in the shower. It seems simple, but it could be the difference between falling and being injured or finishing your shower or bath incident-free.

7) A Tub-To-Shower Conversion

A tub-to-shower conversion increases safety by removing the tub and installing a shower. This effectively creates a seamless transition between the shower basin and the bathroom flooring.

Being able to simply walk into or out of the shower without having to hoist your leg over the side is a major step in a much safer direction.

Even better, this type of renovation takes as little as ONE DAY to complete.

Thompson Creek Has All The Bathroom Safety Solutions To Transform Your Space

For seniors, maintaining independence and safety in the bathroom is crucial. The ability to navigate the bathroom and perform daily routines confidently plays a significant role in determining their capability to live independently in their Annapolis homes.

Thompson Creek offers many different design solutions to help you increase the level of safety in your bathroom so that your loved ones can age in place unharmed.

Check out some of the other bathroom remodeling solutions we have to offer, or call 301-880-4474 to schedule your free consultation!