What is Best for Curb Appeal – Bay, Bow or Garden Window

What is Best for Curb Appeal – Bay, Bow or Garden Window

Bay, bow and garden. These window terms can be confusing, but if you are looking to add a new functional window to your home, it’s important to understand the difference.  

If you’re looking for a unique type of window for your home, consider a window that protrudes out from the façade of your home. This is called a “bump-out” window, and there are three main types of them: bay, bow and garden. These three styles all add curb appeal by adding an expansion and a unique aspect to your home. These three styles differ in small but impactful ways, which leaves your decision ultimately up to preference. Here are the main differences between these styles: 

Pros and Cons of Garden Windows 

Garden windows typically take up the least space of the three and usually incorporated into the kitchen. Appropriately named, garden windows are mainly used for placing plants. With a small stoop on the inside, and its protruding glass panels, these windows provide optimal sunshine for house plants or a small herb garden to thrive. This adds a decorative element to your kitchen by adding greenery, which can also filter your air, and add life to your space.  

Bay vs Bow Windows 

Bay and bow windows also protrude outward, but are composed of three or more glass panels, creating a curved effect. They can be small, like a garden window, or they can be much larger, essentially adding more space to your room. However, there are some key differences between bay and bow windows. 

Bay windows consist of three panels with a middle picture window that doesn’t open, a more rigid structure. The side windows can be casement or double hung windows, allowing them to be opened. This is an excellent place for a small garden, or a focal point in a living room if made larger. A bag window provides a great little reading nook for additional seating in the home. Bay windows need to have a roof structure and a “seat board” which is the bottom ledge on the inside.  

Bow windows are composed of four or more panels and are curvier than other bump-out windows. They can be picture, double hung or casement windows, so they are highly customizable. They can be the full height of your wall, or smaller, to add a focal point to a room.  

If you’re looking to add a unique and customized window to your house, make sure you know what options you have. The best option is to talk to a contractor and discuss what features can be customized and what the optimal size is for your home and your vision. You can also start by viewing your options online, and designing your ideal garden, bow or bay window.  

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