Best Energy Efficient Windows

Best Energy Efficient Windows

It used to be the case that windows were chosen for a home based on how they looked, but today, homeowners are even more focused on energy efficiency than looks. Of course, it goes without saying that nothing beats great looking windows that also happen to be energy efficient. In this blog post, we will highlight which window upgrades will give you the biggest energy efficiency bang for your buck.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners have more options for their windows today than ever before. They can choose from materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wood clad. Each has its own energy efficiency rating, and some are better than others.

Wood windows offer excellent insulative value because wood doesn’t transfer heat as easily as aluminum. But wood windows require more upkeep, and they really shouldn’t be a consideration in parts of the country with humid or rainy climates due to their potential to rot.

Vinyl windows are a practical choice for many because they offer a good balance of affordability and energy efficiency. When used in tandem with insulated glass, vinyl is a strong choice, especially when the windows are well constructed and installed properly.

Aluminum windows aren’t the best in hot and sunny environments because aluminum retains heat, but these windows are a good selection in areas that see a lot of rain or high humidity. They’re also very strong, which makes them ideal for areas prone to hurricanes.

Wood Clad windows combine the insulative properties of wood with the low maintenance exterior of vinyl or aluminum. However, if these windows are installed in wet or damp areas, they need to be installed with waterproof membranes around the cladding and flashing, or they can be prone to moisture intrusion without the membrane.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

The most obvious benefit of having energy efficient windows installed on your home is the savings you’ll get on your energy bill every month. Other benefits include:

  • Better comfort
  • Less damage to furniture
  • Less condensation in the home
  • Improved light


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