Best Fall Home Repairs

Best Fall Home Repairs

Autumn is the ideal season for planning and completing home repair and improvement projects. The clear, crisp days of fall are energizing and motivating, and homeowners naturally want to wrap up their projects before winter sets in. Following are six fall home renovations designed to provide you with inspiration.

Seal Up Possible Entryways

When nighttime temperatures begin to dip in autumn, that sends a signal to rodent pests that it’s time to seek cozy accommodations for the winter. More often than not, they try to gain access to nearby homes.

Sealing up all possible entry points before this migration begins is an essential part of household pest control. Keep in mind that an adult mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel.

Areas to check include:

  • In the spaces around windows and doors
  • Behind refrigerators, ranges, automatic dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and standing hot water heaters
  • In crawl spaces and attic vents
  • Around floor vents
  • Under sinks and around plumbing pipes


Swap Out Windows

Autumn is also a great time to take stock of the windows in your home and swap out the defective ones. You’ll save money on upcoming heating costs, eliminate uncomfortable drafts and improve the overall ambiance of your home interior.

The next time it rains, take note of which windows develop condensation on the inside. These are the ones that you should schedule to be replaced by a qualified professional.

Repair the Roof

Few things ruin a cozy, rainy day indoors quicker than sudden leaks in the roof. Examining your roof for signs of malfunctions on a clear, crisp autumn afternoon and making the necessary repairs prevents this scenario from happening. Homeowners who are handy with a hammer and nails usually handle minor roof repairs on their own, while others choose to hire a professional.

Roofs that are in need of major repairs should be tended to by an experienced licensed contractor.

Refresh the Deck

Giving the deck a refresh usually isn’t high on anyone’s list of fall home renovations, but you’ll be glad for it in the spring. Replace splintered wood, shore up shaky railings and apply a fresh coat of finish. It’ll be one less thing you’ll need to do in the spring to prepare your outdoor living space for warm-weather activities.

Winterize Your Lawn and Garden Area

When and how you winterize your lawn and garden area depends on the climate conditions of where you live. In some areas, gardens continue to produce and lawns to thrive throughout the fall. As a general rule of thumb, winterization should begin shortly after the first few light frosts and before the last frost of the season.

Raking leaves and removing any other vegetative debris keeps destructive fungal pathogens from gaining a foothold in your yard. Applying fertilizer to the lawn and deciduous shrubs and trees provides nourishment for the cold months ahead. If you have clay soils, aerate your lawn to prevent the soil from becoming compacted.

Give the Exterior a General Makeover

A general facelift does wonders for curb appeal as well as homeowner enjoyment. Ideas include the following:

  • Paint the front door
  • Install window boxes
  • Touch up the general paint job
  • Repair the driveway
  • Replace the front gate


Other Ideas for Fall Home Projects

There are plenty of fall home projects that can be accomplished. These are popular ideas:

  • Planting that perennial border you’ve always wanted
  • Power washing the exterior to remove all traces of lichen and algae
  • Updating the HVAC system
  • Cleaning and repairing the gutters
  • Restoring garden paths and walkways
  • Clean out the crawl space
  • Winterize the irrigation system

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for more information or to visit our blog for more ideas and inspiration on fall home repairs.