The Best Front Door Accessories and Add-ons

The Best Front Door Accessories and Add-ons

Your front door makes for the first impression new guests will have when visiting your home. It also serves as a lovely welcome home after a long day at work. Well-crafted exterior doors are not only stylish but can also add additional security and provide insulation for your home. The chill from Mid-Atlantic winter storms definitely makes you want to keep heat inside your home instead of letting it escape. Thankfully you don’t have to choose form over function. Instead, many different front-door accessories can enhance aesthetic appeal, security, and home installation. Let’s take a look at some of the best front door accessories for your home. 

Stylish Front Door Accessories 

Front Door accessories are usually replaced when a large amount of wear and tear or other damage becomes noticeable. However, you may choose to replace your front doors for stylistic reasons at any given time. You might be starting a complete home remodel or looking to increase your home’s curb appeal and financial value. 

  • Glass panels: One of the most stylish front door accessories is glass, and one of the most popular glass designs for front doors is beveled glass. At Thompson Creek, we have more than twelve distinct types of glass hardware available. 
  • Door knockers: Installing custom entry doors will also allow you to add bespoke features such as regal door knockers or engraved letter plates. There are many accessory styles to choose from, so make sure you have a clear vision of what you want the final product to look like. 

Best Front Door Accessories for Functionality 

It’s essential to seal heat inside your home during the winter months. Proper insulation is also a key component of energy efficiency inside your home.  

  • Storm doors: For Mid-Atlantic homes, storm doors provide a necessary level of additional protection against the elements. 
  • Secure doorknobs: While this may not technically be considered an accessory, you should carefully choose what doorknob to use for your door. It’s crucial the doorknob of your home securely locks. But you also want to ensure it’s installed properly to avoid difficulties opening the front door of your home with the correct key. While functionality is of utmost importance, you should also try to match the color of your exterior door accessories with the color of your front door to ensure a cohesive aesthetic.  

Exterior Door Accessories for Security 

  • Keypads: There are keypad locks that come in a variety of refined styles, including brass, nickel, and aged bronze. Consider if you want to have a deadbolt lock or keypad as an additional level of security for your home. These features are beneficial, even if you have a home security system installed. 
  • Security Doors: you may also want to consider security doors, especially ones made of steel. These can be designed to be visually appealing while maximizing the security of your home. 

We suggest reaching out to our expert team at Thompson Creek when you’re considering replacing your front doors. Our front doors and front door accessories are equipped with many additional safety and security mechanisms. We also offer more than 16 paint color options and numerous wood stains. From rich cherry and mahogany stains to light and natural oak, we’ve been able to match exceptional design with durability and functionality. Our custom installations are usually completed within a few hours and include a buyer protection guarantee of up to 50 years.