Latest Window And Door Trends For Leesburg, VA

Latest Window And Door Trends For Leesburg, VA

Freshen Your Virginia Home
With New Design Ideas!

Are you ready to open the door to home upgrades and renovations in Leesburg, VA? Modern door and window features are a great place to start! Fresh window and door design ideas are always great for giving your home a new look without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready for a change and are unsure about which area of your home to invest in, we’ve compiled the top 10 trending window and door styles of 2023. From entry doors to double-hung windows, there is something for every home design upgrade.

1. Monochromatic and Dark Window Trim

Last year’s trend of using black or dark window trim to add drama to your home’s façade is bolstered by this year’s dark palette of Colors of the Year suggested by designers and paint companies.

The 2023 colors ranging from a crimson hue called Viva Magenta from Pantone and Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, flow well with dark window trim to make for a moody and warm interior.

Also popular this year is the design concept of matching your interior trim to your wall color to create an effortless flow and a modern, monochromatic, calming appearance.

2. French Doors

Large entryways are becoming more and more common to add curb appeal and create a lasting first impression on guests. French doors, made with popular door materials, add a grand effect to your entryway and can even make your home seem larger.

3. Large Front Doors

If French doors aren’t your thing, you can still elevate your front entryway with a larger front door. Widening your door frame and adding a custom-sized door will make your exterior seem bigger, adding a grand effect with just a slight difference. Choose from many options, including fiberglass and steel doors and exterior doors with glass panels.

4. Rounded Window Frames

Providing some architectural interest, arched windows and doors also help to soften a home’s interior look. Rounding out this trend is a nod to the curved shape of the room’s furnishings.

5. Picture Windows and Art Deco Shapes

With its simplistic and sleek look, large picture windows add an unobstructed view of the outdoors and allow natural light to flow inside. Due to their simplicity, these modern windows match almost any style of home, but they are an especially favored window style in modern homes. Windows can help capture an art deco look by combining window shapes to create a modern design.

6. Glass Detailed Front Door

Letting natural light into your home makes it feel larger, brighter, and can even lower your electric bill. Adding glass detailing to your front door is a small feature that could bring this natural light into your entryway room and add a stylistic feature to your front door.

7. Bold Color Front Doors

Simply painting your front door makes your house stand out, and adds personal flair and charm to your home’s exterior. Consider replacing your front door if your wood is stained or worn, as a fresh coat of paint will look best on a smooth, clean wood material door.

8. Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are windows that extend slightly out of your home and incorporate more glass. They add a focal design point in the room and make it feel bigger since they add interior space. If you have a backyard with a view, bay windows or bow windows are a great way to accentuate this.

9. Mixed Material Doors

A good way to add interesting elements to your home’s exterior is to incorporate a mixed-material front door. Some materials that work well together are metal and fiberglass, as well as wood and aluminum.

10. Upgrading Your Windows

This exterior upgrade does some double duty for your design trend upgrade. Upgraded windows add resale value to your home in Virginia and can save you a significant amount on your electric bill. Energy efficiency started as a trend that is now a lifestyle.

If you feel that your current windows are worn, aren’t insulating your home, or are outdated, call an expert at Thompson Creek to get started on your window replacement project. Choose from popular window styles, including awning windows. No matter what type of window you select, the quality will be unmatched.

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Upgrading your windows and doors adds a personal touch and a focal point to your Leesburg, VA home’s exterior, which increases its curb appeal. Staying up with the window and door trends can be as small of a job as repainting a door or replacing hardware, or a larger investment like adding windows and replacing doors.

2023 continues to focus us on our homes, which is not only where we spend most of our time but most of our money — for most of us, our homes are our largest investment. When you are ready for an exterior upgrade, trust your investment to the experts at Thompson Creek, the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier home improvement replacement products company. Call us today.