Best Month for House Renovation

Best Month for House Renovation

When you know you have a home renovation project and you want to get the best bang for your buck sometimes timing is everything.


Here are top home renovation projects and the best months to get them done.



It’s all about flooring and Windows in the New Year. So, whether you want to install new floors or clean the carpets you already have, January is a good month for this type of flooring project. Often times flooring companies are putting out their new products so leftover flooring stock is on sale. Same for carpet cleaning companies. Muck, grime and salt from winter weather can eat away at your flooring. A professional cleaning will make sure winter stains don’t set. Windows are extremely important to install during this time of year so you can get the added benefits of a well-insulated home year-round.



Large projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling can take time to plan, but winter is a great time to get the work done. Materials and the contractors to do the work are often more available in the winter than when warm weather brings additions project to their doorstep. Doing an interior renovation job in winter may bring you better pricing on both materials and labor. Each year around President’s Day, Maryland offers tax-free shopping on energy star rated appliances so this is a great time to add appliances to your project. Virginia offers its tax-free appliance shopping in August. Sliding doors are an easy renovation to get done in February that will pay dividends the rest of the year! A sliding glass door is a great addition to the kitchen to make it feel more upgraded and modern.


Same goes for interior painting. If you are looking to change the look of your home quickly, paint is an easy and reasonably priced way to go. Manufacturers often put out their best deals on paint in late winter.



March weather can be unpredictable as it straddles winter and spring. While frozen soil might limit getting a jump on outdoor landscaping, it’s a great time to get your home’s gutters ready for spring. Hire a professional to inspect your gutter system to make sure it is ready for spring rains and sized appropriately. Failing gutters can lead to other issues such as damage to your home’s foundation and to your landscaping.



You’re almost to reliable outdoor entertaining weather. April is a great time to get your fence, deck or windows in shape. Hire a professional to repair or rebuild or take on a DIY project to stain or paint. A lot of major window manufacturers in the area have sales in March and April so you can get the most bang for your buck. Take advantage of these sales. Make sure to check your BBQ so it’s ready to fire up this summer!



It’s not hot yet but you know hot and humid is on its way! Don’t wait until you have an air conditioner meltdown. Schedule a service with a professional this month to make sure your air conditioner is in working order. This way you won’t be competing with other hot-under-the-collar homeowners for a repair job in the heat of summer. An easy way to keep out the heat is to add a new door or storm-door to the home. They make the house look fresh, and open without having to increase you cooling bill.



Be on the lookout for great deals on window replacement projects. June is great time for repairing and replacing your old inefficient windows. And while you are seeing clearly, June is also a good time do take hold of that power washer and give your home’s exterior a good cleaning. If you find your power washing reveals cracks and other damage to your siding, it’s also a good time to determine if you need to re-side your home. It is an excellent way to make your home look newer and ready for the upcoming summer months. Damaged siding can invite mold to grow in your home’s drywall which can cause poor air quality in your home.



Lighting a fire in your fireplace seems like the last thing you want to do on a hot July day, however getting your chimney cleaned and inspected is an important safety measure. Scheduling the work in July means you aren’t paying a premium when professionals are in high demand. Siding is also an important job to take care of in the summer. Modern siding is designed to not only look great, but keep water, and heat away form the home, and that is needed in July.



If your home needs some exterior painting done, this a great month to do it. August comes with consistent temperatures and exterior paint performs best under those conditions. Schedule your painting according to the positioning of the sun so you’re working on a shaded area of your home. You should also consider repairing or replacing the roof. With all the wet weather at the end of year, it is best to take care of it early before you need to deal with water in your home coming from a leaky roof.



The kids are heading back to school so you want to be sure your garage door can handle the ups and down as they get out their bikes, sports equipment and after-school get-togethers. Tune up your garage door openers and make sure the system works well so you don’t battle with it when winter hits. Gutters are also important to clean, repair, and replace if necessary when it is warmer, so you don’t need to take care of it once Fall is in full swing.



Summer storms have passed and you’re ready for the winter winds. October is the sweet spot when you should get an inspection of your roof. Has it suffered any damage over the past year? Missing shingles or ceiling leaks are one indication that your roof system may be failing.



Tackle your landscaping needs this month. In this case weather is an important factor and fall is the best time for fertilizing and aeration. Winter is almost in full swing, and if you haven’t yet insulated your home to combat the cold and wet coming our way you should take steps to get it taken care of. Things like doors and windows can let out heat, so be sure to check them, and see if It is time to replace them.



If you don’t mind holiday disruption or better yet are heading out of town you can get some great deals on home remodeling this month. Everything from roofs to siding would be a great choice because it can be done quickly and be less disruptive to your daily lives. Many people chose not to embark on home renovations this month which can often mean contractors are willing to give you a deal. Make sure you plan the renovation project early enough that you can actually get the work done when contractors are looking for work.


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