Best Patio Door for Your Home

Best Patio Door for Your Home

It’s exciting to select a new patio door for your home, and finding the best patio door requires thoughtful consideration of the details. This includes how you and your family will use the door, which type would be most suitable for the available space, and how this upgrade will blend in with the décor and architecture of your home. Most homeowners choose between sliding doors and French doors for access to a home patio or deck. Both can be energy-efficient and stylish, so choosing between them is a matter of personal taste. The style of your furnishings will also factor into the decision about which patio doors are best. Here are some details about each type of door.

Which Patio Doors are Best?

As far as which patio doors are best, the two most popular selections are French doors and sliding glass doors. French doors are generally the choice when a home has a more upscale or detailed appearance because they fit well with many different styles. Sliding doors are created with clean, straight lines that are perfect for a home with a modern design. They can be transformed into a more elegant look, though, that will go with any architectural style.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often the best patio doors for allowing sunlight into the home. Window treatments can be tailored so that they’re situated above and to the sides of the door when pulled back, allowing light to stream in and make the room sunny and bright.

Another feature of sliding doors is the ability to create a cooling cross-breeze in warm weather by raising a window on the opposite side of the room while the sliding door is open. They’re also a secure patio door option. Adding a security bar to the door tracks makes it virtually impossible to open one, even if the lock has been broken.

French Doors

These doors can be a stylish way to allow access to an outdoor living area. French doors are hinged just like entry and interior doors, and the door surface is a grid of glass panes inside a frame. Depending on the space available, there are several ways to design your French doors.

You can have one fixed door and one that opens or two doors that open to each side for a larger entry. An elegant, sumptuous look can be achieved with specialized paint and shaded or marbled glass panes.

Transoms are another way to dress up French doors. A transom over the door draws the eye upward for a sense of spaciousness, and arches can also complement your home décor. To create the image of a wall of windows, add tall, narrow transoms to each side of your French doors.

What Should I Look for in a Patio Door Company?

Choosing a company that both designs the doors in-house and professionally installs them is the most economical route. It’s best to deal with one provider for all aspects of your upgrade because you’ll always know who to call with any questions or concerns. Thompson Creek designs, manufactures, and installs doors and windows. You can even be involved in the design process, creating your own custom patio door.

How Do I Know My Patio Door Will Last?

The best patio door companies use double pane glass to save energy and lower your heating and cooling bills. You can also talk to your door manufacturer about a window glaze to block some of the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the kind that can lead to the fading of drapes and furnishings.

Doors with a high Energy Star® rating are guaranteed to provide the best insulation possible and reduce energy consumption. A reputable door and window manufacturer will guarantee the work and materials, so be sure to ask in advance about warranty details.

Rely on Our Professionals

Thompson Creek is a reputable company with years of experience, and we provide not only excellent products but also top-notch service. Our windows and doors exceed the U.S. Department of Energy standards for efficiency. Our seasoned designers and installers are waiting to help you choose the ideal shape, color, and style for your upgrade. Call 888-696-7105 today, and talk to one of our friendly representatives about the details of your new patio door.