Types of Homes & Windows to Match

Types of Homes & Windows to Match

Window replacements are a great way to increase the value of your home, add curb appeal, and immediately upgrade the style of your home, but with so many different window types to choose from it may be hard to decide which type best fits the style of your home. Read more about the four most popular styles of house and styles of windows that pair well with them.


The most popular type of home, especially in suburban neighborhoods is this traditional home. Clean, simple architecture, symmetrical design and straight lines are some indicators of a traditional home style. No surprise, the most popular type of house pairs perfectly with the most popular type of window, which is double hung. The simple design of double hung windows completes the clean, sleek look of a traditional home.

If you do want to add a little extra flair, consider adding in a bow or bay window, both of which protrude out of the side of the house, typically on the lower level, and add some dimension to this simpler styled home.

Dormers are also a popular architectural feature to this Early American-style home.


Victorian houses often include large wrap-around porches with decorative railings and trim, irregularly shaped walls and decorative windows. Often, bay windows add a complimentary feature to the ornate design of these houses. Bay windows look best on the front or back sides of the home, protruding out of the foundation to overlook a manicured yard.

Any type of standard window type can be tweaked and shaped to add a decorative element to your home. Popular shapes include arched windows, eyebrow, rounded and other custom shapes. Victorian homes are infamous for their creative shapes and architecture, so you can’t go wrong with shaping your windows to fit this theme.


Contemporary homes are not as easy to pinpoint, but there are several factors to help identify one. Features such as large open floor plans, geometric lines and a more modern look are good indicators of a contemporary home.

Since contemporary homes typically have elements of many other styles of architecture incorporated in its design, it can make it tricky to find a suitable window style. Many contemporary homes have floor to ceiling windows, also known as clerestory windows. This lets in an abundance of natural light and is an eco-friendly way to brighten your living space. Picture windows suffice for this reason as well. Without the ability to open, picture windows are the perfect sleek, simple look to match your contemporary home and a contrast to the creative architectural style.


One-level living is an American original. Ranch style homes feature open floor plans and are now surging in popularity. New ranch homes steal a bit of the modern elements from contemporary home to update the early beginnings of ranch homes.

Picture windows and casement windows help to match the horizonal lines of a ranch home and bring in natural light to the open floor plan. Stick with simple windows with horizontal grills to keep with the style.

Best Window Styles for Your Home

If your home doesn’t seem to match any of the above styles, more types of houses can be found at Better Homes and Gardens. No matter what style of home you have, Thompson Creek can help you find the perfect window suited to you and professionally install it for you.