Can I Afford My Home Renovation Project?

Can I Afford My Home Renovation Project?

In the iconic movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold makes the mistake of anticipating his Christmas bonus and requisitioning the work of an in-ground pool installation. He finds himself in a myriad of undesirable situations, but the crux is the crushing realization that his efforts won’t be rewarded to his expectations. In today’s constantly changing market, it’s important not to cash in early on any investment bets before seeing the actual dollars and cents – advice Griswold should have followed. But, at what point is it safe, effective or even necessary to put your funds to work on the value of your home?

Below we examine the value of getting replacement windows. The deciding factor of any home improvement boils down to one question: “Is it worth it?”

Financial Benefit #1: Energy Efficiency

The comfort and beauty of new windows are unparalleled in the Mid Atlantic winter. Each window replacement often reduces energy bills. More importantly, expert installers maximize the efficiency of the upgrade.

Financial Benefit #2: Home Equity

The advantage of investing in your home reflects in the value after the work is done. The average Washington D.C. resale value for vinyl window replacement is $11,578 after a $14,875 window installation.*

Financial Benefit #3: Affordability

Most importantly, you can split the cost across several years by utilizing our NO, NO** financing, which is available for 18 months.

As we all know, Clark’s money predicament worked out. We’d like to make the process for your home improvement much smoother than Clark’s.

*According to **No money down, No interest for 18 months