Can You Paint Siding on Your House?

Can You Paint Siding on Your House?

New homeowners often wonder — can you paint siding on a house? Find out if you can paint your manufactured siding or if it’s even necessary with the replacement siding at Thompson Creek.

Vinyl is one of the most popular types of siding because it’s relatively maintenance-free compared to other varieties. One of its main features is that it doesn’t need to be painted. It’s designed to look good as-is and be hardwearing and weatherproof.

So, your siding doesn’t need to be painted, but what if you are looking for a new look? Can you paint your siding to revamp your home? The good news is you can, but you’ll have to choose the paint carefully.

How to Paint Your Vinyl Siding

The use of primer is something that even professionals disagree on. Some professionals believe it’s best to use a primer before any paint job. Others feel primer is warranted only if the siding is in poor condition.

If your siding is pitted or weathered, using a coat of primer first will create a smooth layer for the paint to adhere to, resulting in a better-looking finish.

Vinyl-Friendly Paints

Whether you decide to use a primer or not, be sure to choose a type of paint that will adhere to the surface it’s applied to. Water-based paints, for example, won’t do. You’ll need paint that is made of urethane and acrylic resins.

Vinyl siding is designed to expand and contract in response to changing temperatures. It’s installed in a way that allows it to slide as it expands and contracts. Choose paint similar in color to the siding because when the siding contracts, you may find it uncovers an unpainted area, revealing a ‘seam’ of bare siding.

Siding is designed with a particular level of thermal expansion in mind. So your home in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C., may have a different type of siding compared to homes in a much hotter climate. The siding is designed with the expectation that it will absorb a certain amount of heat, and color plays a role in that. Any color that you choose should be no darker than the color of the siding itself.

Thompson Creek Siding in Custom Colors

Thompson Creek produces vinyl siding in a variety of colors, allowing you to get your dream home without having to fuss with paints and primers. Our durable, hardwearing siding is built to last, improve energy efficiency and designed with the local climate in mind.

If you’re looking to renovate your property and want a visually appealing, robust siding that looks great long-term without requiring extensive maintenance, give Thompson Creek a call. Our experts will give you a no-obligation estimate for custom-styled siding in a variety of colors, designed and fitted specifically for your property.