Cleaning Double Hung Windows

Cleaning Double Hung Windows

Pollen season is upon us and not only does it affect your allergies, it affects your view! Properly cleaning your double hung windows doesn’t just improve your outlook, but makes sure your windows work properly too.

What Is A Double Hung Window?

Double hung windows are one of the most commonly installed windows today because of their ease of function and of cleaning. They feature a top sash that can be lowered and a bottom sash that can be raised. Most importantly when it comes to cleaning both these sashes tilt in toward the interior of the home.

How Do You Clean a Double Hung Window?

By design, that is an easy answer!

  • The first step is to choose a day that is dry but cloudy. Sunny days can make the cleaning solution dry onto the double hung window before you can wipe it away.
  • Prepare the window and the frame by sweeping dirt or vacuuming it up from the track. You can also use soap and water to clean any troublesome debris from the track. Wipe down the window sill and frame with a soft cloth and avoid using anything abrasive that might scratch the surface of the frame.
  • Pop off the window screens. Clean double hung windows can still appear dirty if the screens in front aren’t cleaned. You can wash screens using a soap and water and a soft brush. Let them dry before reinstalling them onto the window frame.
  • Mix a solution to use to clean the glass of your double hung windows. This can be a homemade solution of:
  • Two cups of water
  • ½ cup of white or cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup of corn starch


  • Select a microfiber cloth that will minimize streaks. They are also a good choice because they are washable and reusable. While you may be tempted to use a squeegee like you do at the carwash, improper use can create drips and streaks. It also is difficult to use with windows that have exterior grids.
  • Follow directions. When cleaning the window wipe the inside of the window horizontally and the outside vertically. This way when you take a step back to inspect for streaks you know which side needs to be redone!


Steps to Safely Tilt Your Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are made to tilt in for easy cleaning. Here’s how to make them work for you.

Step 1- Unlock the window using the locks found on the top of the bottom sash


Step 2- Raise the lower sash six inches

Step 3- Click the lock to release the window from the frame

Step 4. – Pull the bottom widow towards you

Step 5- Support the window using a chair or even your knee while

you spray the solution on the exterior of the window and clean.

Step 6- Do the same for the top sash

Step 7 – Replace both sashes to their position, starting with the top sash and then the bottom sash. They should click into place.

You can see these steps in this easy-to-follow video!

Cleaning & Inspecting Your Windows

While you’re cleaning your double hung windows take a moment to inspect them for leaks, cracks in the seal, chipped paint or a stuck sash. They can mean your window is failing or needs some simple maintenance.

An easy way to check for drafts is to inspect your windows on a windy day.  You can run your hand along the inside of the window to feel for drafts or hold a match by the window to see if it blows out.  If you feel a draft or the match blows out, you have air leaking into your home.

Part of the allure of double hung windows is just how easy it is to keep them clean and operational. If you are considering replacing your single hung windows with energy-efficient, convenient double hung windows, the experts at Thompson Creek can help. Call for a free estimate today!